Making Nice with the Twilight Princess: Update #4.2

Greetings, all! It’s time to get back to talking about The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess! When I left off last time, I promised to get things moving along with the second half of the game. I can’t stress enough how much better things are going for me in this portion of the game. Maybe I’ve just come to tolerate the Wiimote and the frustrating controls, or maybe I’m finally able to see the light at the end of Twilight tunnel. Whatever it is, things are moving along much more smoothly and at a suitable clip, and that makes me very happy.

At the end of my last update, I had just gotten the Master Sword from the Sacred Grove and broken the curse that held Link in wolf form. With that also came the ability to be able to change between human and wolf form at any time. Woohoo for that! So I traveled around the Sacred Grove for a bit, managed to find another Poe’s Soul, and then figured I should probably get on with things. As always, upon wondering what to do next and missing any inkling of it that might have been said by Midna or someone else beforehand, I went back to Castle Town. Once on its outskirts, along came that crafty mailman again with a letter from Telma, which was quite apropos as I was headed there anywhere. (I’m sure there are other things to do in Castle Town, but time being of the essence, I’ve yet to do much exploring there.)

Once at Telma’s bar, I met more folks involved in the Resistance like Telma, folks working to restore peace to Hyrule. After conversing a bit, it was time to go find one member of the group, Auru, who was somewhere at Lake Hylia. Well then. It was off on another find-and-do interlude, because god forbid one should just be able to easily go from one temple to the next.

Anyway, I warped on over to Lake Hylia and proceeded to get a bit lost trying to find Auru. Only then, I found him! Waaaay up on a tower of sorts that I honestly had not noticed before. We chatted for a bit before finding out that the only way to get Link to the next destination, the Gerudo Desert, was to fly there. And what better way to fly than by cannon! Though, apparently I needed some sort of special permission to do so, because Auru gave me a special note to give to the guy running the cannon. Once I got down to the cannon with note in hand, Link was soon flying through the air with the greatest of ease.

Once in the desert, which was very desert-y and full of boars that I quickly learned could be ridden to smash through things, I had to defeat a few rounds of enemies and fix a bridge to get to the next major spot, which turned out to be a temple called the Arbiter’s Grounds.

Now, I don’t know what I thought a place called the Arbiter’s Grounds would look like, but it whatever it might have been wouldn’t have even come close to what it actually was! (Huh?) In other words, a spooky temple was not at all what I was expecting! The whole place was replete with secrets and hidden spaces, and lots of creepy, skeleton-like enemies. But unlike some previous temples where I easily got lost, I actually had a decent time finding my way around its maze.

The whole point of the temple was to find four Poe’s Souls. Wolf Link came in quite useful here as he was able to trace the Poe’s scent to the various Poes hidden around. I managed to get three of them okay, but the fourth eluded me. And that’s only because between my sessions of play, I managed to forget that whole thing about Wolf Link following the Poe’s scent. (Ye olde mind, it’s like a sieve sometimes, I yell ya.). So after bumbling around and then remembering that fact, I was good to go.

Also, oh my goodness, those ReDeads! I was not expecting the return of those horrifying and most annoying of enemies that caused Link to freeze in fear upon hearing their awful screams. Any time I saw them, my first course of action was to get rid of them, no matter what else was going on.

Far and away, the most exciting thing about this dungeon was that I got an awesome tool called the Spinner. It allowed Link to traveling along tracks placed throughout the levels in the temple to reach hidden spaces. I had an absolute blast using the thing! I think I spent more time in this than any other previous temple just trying to get to hard-to-reach spots and treasure.

And that Spinner made for one of the most enjoyable and exciting boss battles of the game! I know you can hardly believe that I would attach such words to a boss battle, of all things, but it’s true! The Arbiter’s Grounds’ boss was Stallord, a giant, cow-like skull creature that flew around a large circular room. What made this boss battle so incredibly fun was the second part of the fight that involved the Spinner. It propelled Link along a spiral track along the outside of a large pillar in the center of the room, While on it, I had maneuver Link between that track and another on the adjacent and also circular wall while shooting arrows at the flying Stallord. Once he fell, we gave him a few good sword whacks on the ground. Three times later, and Stallord was done!

Events after the Arbiter’s Grounds led to the discovery of the very broken Mirror of Twilight, and then, a to complete mess in trying to catch a Reekfish in the Zora Basin in order to get to the next stage, Snowpeak Ruins. (Seriously, I am no fisherman, in life or games. I got so flustered the first time trying to catch one that I nearly ragequit. The second time round was better, but catching one still took much longer than I think it should have.)

So…Snowpeak Ruins? Well, it’s not that I want to skip over the area just to talk about the Temple of Time but…I don’t know that I have much to say about it. Or rather, I don’t know that I have many nice things to say about it as I really dislike snow/ice levels in any games, all games. Snowpeak Ruins was interesting, but skidding around on ice and trudging through large snow drifts was mostly just annoying. But, the levels’ puzzles were alright (Except for the one that involved large blocks on an icy floor. Gracious, that took me f-o-r-e-v-e-r!), the Ball-and-Chain was a fun weapon to receive, and honestly, I think this portion of the game offered up the sweetest/scariest story yet.

After following the Yeto the yeti to his mansion (which was falling apart, hence, Snowpeak Ruins), Link discovered that his wife, Yeta, had fallen ill after she had found a piece of the Twilight Mirror. The whole point of the level was to get back that piece, but Link had to help Yeto cure Yeta first by making her soup. This required traveling around the mansion to find ingredients to make better and better versions of said soup. Once Yeta was cured, she took Link up to the room that held the mirror, but then she became possessed by it. And so formed the Ruins’ boss, Blizzeta, a perfectly scary figure! With that battle over, Yeto arrived, happy to see Yeta free from the curse of the mirror. And after a very touching conversation, the two hugged and released a bevy of hearts for Link to collect. It was soooo super cute, y’all.

With everything back to normal in the mountains, it was time to get on with finding the other two mirror pieces. As expected, I had to get through another interlude before progressing, which brought Link back to the Sacred Grove, and back into another chase with Skull Kid. This did not make me happy. But! At least I knew for sure what to do this time around. Link eventually ended up back in another part of the same temple where we got the Master Sword. (I think so, anyway. All these spots are starting to blur.) Soon enough, and with the help of and Ooccoo, we were in the next temple: The Temple of Time.

I know this post is getting very long-winded, so I’m going to aim to wrap up this temple quickly, because, for one, I got through it faster than any previous temple! I can’t say why everything simply clicked with it (maybe I was just determined to make some real progress), but after Snowpeak Ruins, the Temple of Time was a breeze. And this was despite the prevalence of spiders large and small everywhere! I really enjoyed the mechanic of the Dominion Rod, which gave Link power over statutes. In order to get to the temple’s boss, Link had to use the rod to transport a large statue from an upper to a lower level. Being able to “walk” the statue around was fun, as was having the ability to use the statue to break through things – quite the handy dandy tool for any adventurer! And the Dominion Rod was invaluable during the temple boss battle with Armogohma, the largest spider of them all! With that boss done, Link received another piece of the Twilight Mirror.

Wow, only one more mirror shard to go! It’s a very exciting prospect. And this brings us to the close of another update. It’s time to find the final mirror piece, which, according to all hints, is somewhere in the sky. After that, I can only imagine what will follow. I’m hoping to have the game completed by Labor Day, but I have a lot of summertime doings in between now and then. Will my next update (whenever that is) be the final one? Stay tuned!

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