Newcomer Alert: Halfway Through the First Sly Cooper

It’s time for my next Sly Cooper update, everyone, as I work my way through the Sly Collection on the PS3!  I’m now 53% through the first game, which seems like a perfect spot to update my thoughts.  Well, I have defeated Sir Raleigh the frog in Wales and Muggshot the bulldog in Mesa City, and I am now braving the sinister swamps of Haiti in the hopes of reaching Mz. Ruby, the voodoo-practicing crocodile.  At this point, I can safely say I have a pretty good idea of the gameplay involved in this game, which is somewhat of a big deal for me, as I honestly had no idea what to expect from the game when I first started it, making me slightly less of a newbie.

First off, for anyone not familiar with the game (and if that’s the case, why not check it out; it’s quite cheap on Amazon), it is broken down into…I’m assuming five major locations (because the villains are called the Fiendish Five, so…I kind of just made an educated guess).  There is an initial location to explore and then more of a hub-type location with seven levels in total where you must collect seven keys in order to reach the boss.  Many of these locations have clue bottles, and when you collect all of them, you can open a safe and get some special move or other advantage.  In addition to new moves, you can also gain the ability to pinpoint all clue bottles in that particular chapter of the game (most of them are easy to find, but there are sometimes a couple I miss without help), or the ability to not get hurt when falling in water.  I really haven’t made use of the special moves yet, but I really like the other upgrades mentioned, particularly the last one.  I fall in water a lot, and it’s nice no longer dying or losing a lucky charm just because of one mistake.

I have begun to wonder lately, however, how much being stealthy really matters in this game.  Many times, I have accidentally triggered an alarm by stepping through a laser or a spotlight, and all I must do is destroy the alarm to make it stop.  It’s certainly useful to avoid enemies with flashlights, as some of them can be quite vicious, but other than that, my attempts at being a sneaky thief have been more for fun than necessity.  We’ll see how necessary this is as the game progresses, but right now, making an alarm go off that I can destroy a few seconds later doesn’t seem like such a big deal yet.  I’ll probably be proven wrong soon….

Nevertheless, I must say I have really been enjoying the game.  I don’t care as much for the minigames, which I’ll get to later, but I do really like the more traditional platforming levels and the humor.  Each time you start a new chapter of the game, you get a little cut scene explaining the backstory of the next member of the Fiendish Five, which I rather enjoy.  And while I wasn’t a big fan of the scenery in Mesa City, with the desert and the rundown cars and the like, I did find some of the canine-themed enemies rather amusing, like the Dobermans with the machine guns and the dogs that would charge at you on leashes.  (Why some dogs walk on two legs like people, while others are confined to a leash more like your typical house pet, I know not.)  The moves you learn throughout the game, the required ones, I mean, have also been pretty fun, such as the ability to jump onto very small objects to cross gaps and the ability to slide on vines.  Very useful stuff, and all done with a tap of the circle button.  Very helpful and very easy.

Like I mentioned earlier, the game also has some minigame-like stages, as well.  In some of them, you have to win a race or shoot enemies to protect Murray as he attempts to reach the key.  Others, I must admit, are a bit strange.  Some of these stages require you to control a vehicle which will shoot in the direction you tilt the right analog stick, which seems like an odd method of controlling your gun and which took me a little bit of time to get used to (it was in that minigame where you shoot the crabs that I originally had trouble).  I also remember a minigame where I had to light torches, but I had to get fuel by…running into piranhas.  Okay…I guess I only need to do what the game tells me; I don’t need to understand the logic behind it.

Anyway, I have made substantial progress since my original update, and I am still enjoying the game just as much as before.  The controls are simple and the levels are varied, and every day I look forward to the next set of stages I’ll get to explore.  And that’s about that.  I suppose I’ll just end this post with a few specific thoughts that stood out to me most.  First off, Bentley’s my favorite character so far.  Some of his dialogue gives me a chuckle.  Secondly, the battle against Muggshot was a rather frightening ordeal.  Getting pursued by a guy that runs after you on his big massive arms is terrifying.  And thirdly, I am really liking the atmosphere and some of the music in the swamp, particularly The Swamp’s Dark Center.  This tune was very sinister and ominous.  It gives me chills just listening to it.  Why not take a listen?

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  1. Hatm0nster says:

    I think Mesa City is my favorite out of the 5 main locations, but the Swamp has the best boss fight! It’s very different from the rest of the encounters in the game.

    I feel like stealth in Sly Cooper has always been more about convenience than necessity. The game almost never fails you because you get spotted, but in the later games it becomes very annoying. Getting caught slows you down, costs you time, and can even cost you money if you aren’t careful.

    Duck, if you end up liking these games, they released a fourth one back in 2013 for the PS3. It’s called Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, and it’s pretty good!


    1. duckofindeed says:

      Thanks for reading! Since publishing this post, I’ve actually beaten Mz. Ruby. She was tough! I’m just not great at pressing buttons with proper timing. And I’m learning a bit more to be stealthy, as the guards have become far more likely to hit me if I’ve been spotted than the guards in earlier stages.

      I’m thinking I’ll definitely want to get the fourth Sly Cooper game some time soon. It’ll be fun to be caught up with the series. Then I can count myself as a true fan!

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  2. Particlebit says:

    This was a series I missed on the first go around. Do you know anything about differences between the vita and PS3 versions?


    1. duckofindeed says:

      I’d definitely recommend trying these games. They’ve been pretty great so far. I looked up the differences between the PS3 and Vita versions of the collection, and the only thing I heard is that the Vita version only comes with the first two games, while you have to download the third separately. Other than that, I hear there aren’t any real differences, as far as I know.

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      1. Particlebit says:

        Thanks for looking at that. I might go PS3 then since I have a smaller memory card for vita (cards cost so much!).


      2. duckofindeed says:

        You’re welcome. I always prefer the console versions of games over handhelds. I just like the bigger screen, I think.


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