Point and Click Adventure games – Making a come back in a brand new format.

Point and Click Adventure games broke on the gaming scene somewhere in the 80’s. Focused on story driven games that allowed players to follow a story full of lush text, cutting edge animation and voice over performances. These games allowed the player to select objects in their “environment” to interact with and progress through the main story.


The point and click adventure games lost momentum in the gaming world due to the brilliant and exciting adventures waiting in the world of FPS.   It was harder to sell a game to a generation so used to the new dynamic in gaming. It was completely different and ported very well over to consoles, thus the gaming market opened up to more people and pushed Point and Click adventure games to remain on PC.


However, point and click adventures have never gone away, they just weren’t as mainstream as FPS, RPGS, and action adventure games. This all changed within the last few years, when point and click games came roaring back into the hands of this generation of gamers, the introduction of mobile gaming.


With the increase in mobile gaming it is no wonder that point and click are coming back. They translate well, for the most part, to touch screen mobile devices and are easier to play on mobile as well. With new games developed for mobile devices such as Tiny Thief and ports of PC games like Broken Sword it is no wonder that they are taking the world over in full force. Mobile gaming is introducing point and click games to a new breed of gamers. Due to the rise in popularity of these games again, they have steadily trickled over to the consoles. Telltales games have produced some of the biggest hits in point and click games to travel to the consoles. Partnering with highly popular TV shows and movies they brought the point and click game to the forefront. With a major shift in game play, gamers are beginning to look for more story driven games. Although, many point and click games hold to the traditional format of object selection. There are new formats introduced to these games such as combat and multiple player games seen in The Cave. Adding dynamic game play, incorporating combat, full voice over performances and highly rendered graphics, point and click games are shaping a new generation of story driven games. Several point and click adventures are tackling social issues in today’s society such as Long Story and Life is Strange.


Through the new medium of mobile gaming and the current trend to play story and character driven games, point and click games have made a strong come back. In my post later this month I plan to share some of the best point and click games you can play on your mobile device.

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  1. Hatm0nster says:

    Great post!

    Out of all the gaming genres, it seems like point-and-click adventure really has gone through the most changes. The spirit of the genre is still there even if the old format has largely gone away.

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    1. Dina Farmer says:

      Exactly Hatmonster! I’m glad to see it make a mass return, even though it’s never gone away. Truly this generation of gamers are getting some amazing games.

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  2. gamerwife says:

    Rick keeps trying to get me to play older adventure games like the Lucasarts ones, but I just can’t seem to get into them. The puzzles are always just a little too obtuse and rely on “adventure game logic” that I just can’t wrap my head around. On the other hand, I adore games like Wolf Among Us and Life Is Strange.

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    1. Dina Farmer says:

      I think the newer point and click games are developed for the most part in a way that truly make them a point and click adventure rather than relying on complicated clues to solve a puzzle. I’m loving what Telltale games are brining to the table as well what Rovio is beginning to do.


      1. gamerwife says:

        I’m not familiar with Rovio’s point and click games.

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      2. Dina Farmer says:

        Oh! Tiny Thief is their biggest point and click. But of course they are the ones that made Angry Birds. It’s a mobile game. Tiny Thief is really fun. Plans on the other blogs writing about that game.


      3. gamerwife says:

        Oh right! I do know that game. I guess I just didn’t realize it was Rovio. huh

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      4. Dina Farmer says:

        Tiny Thief is one of my favorite mobile games.


  3. idylltootsie says:


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