Youtube Time: The Duck Plays: Fragile Dreams-Part 8

Another Monday has arrived and, along with it, another Fragile Dreams gameplay video.  Today is part 8, where I spend an infuriating half hour chasing Crow about the abandoned fun park.  Fun, my tail.  I got so frustrated, in fact, I had to cut out some of my commentary.  Grr, stupid Crow.  I hate him…  Ahem, so watch and enjoy a video featuring the normally good-natured Duck getting upset.  I also get to cross an old roller coaster track, which is kind of neat.  If it weren’t for the killer pigeons, that is (they really weren’t that bad, but killer pigeons sounds more exciting, no?).

Video from Youtube User: United WeGame

Fragile Ducks: Farewell Ducks of the Ducks