Finishing Final Fantasy VII: June Progress Report

Images captured by Hatmonster

Well it’s almost the end of June so I figured now would be a good time for the first Final Fantasy VII update.

FFVII Choose File Menu
*Always* keep a duplicate save file!

I’m happy to report that the game is moving along nicely. More quickly than I would expected given how life in the working world tends to function. As you can see I’ve not only made it past that stupid snake, which as it turns out is called “Midgar Zolom” (could never remember that), but got all the way past Aeris’ death and am poised to make the initial confrontation with Sephiroth on disk 2. Woo!

Gaea's Cliff from FFVII
Almost There!

So far this playthrough has been a learning experience. I’ve not only learned that the real tragedy of losing Aeris is that my team no longer has a dedicated healer, but that there’s such a thing as placing characters in the front and back rows for bonus/penalties to defense and attack bonuses (I seriously never knew this!). Playing through the game yet again also provided a chance to get a better look at Sephiroth’s character. Seeing it all play out again really solidified in my mind why Sephiroth became such a classic villain. He’s not so much evil as he is insane, though there is still plenty of evil to go around after said insanity kicks-in. It’s almost a tragedy in a sense; the man was a hero and even had friends up until he was accidentally confronted with the nature of his origins. Had Shinra never sent him to Nibelheim, perhaps the events of Final Fantasy VII might never have happened. Though if one thinks about it, these events would have had to happen in order to prevent Shinra from slowly killing the planet…so Sephiroth going berserk was an oddly good thing in the end. Kind of wierd how that worked out isn’t it?

FFVII Battle screenshot
Tifa is in the “back” row here. It’s a subtle change but it makes a big difference for some reason.

That’s all I got for now. I’ll be back with another update once I hit disk 3, hopefully before the Destiny Beta hits!

One question for those of you who’ve played before: who would be a good replacement for Aeris? I’m hoping Yuffie will be a good magic-oriented character once I recruit her.


  1. duckofindeed says:

    Good luck in beating the game. And I don’t even remember who I used to replace Aeris. All I know was my team towards the end of the game was Cloud, Cid, and Vincent. So one of them, I suppose. But, not because any of the three were that good at healing. Cloud and Cid were just leveled up the most. And Vincent’s cool. I did think Vincent had lots of MP, though.

    Anyway, enough of that short rant. I agree with you about Sephiroth. I did feel the slightest bit bad for the guy, because I, too, would’ve been freaked out if I found I had been experimented on and such. I never understood how that was all motivation to attack the planet with Meteor, though, but I never was able to fully grasp the game’s plot. I don’t know if anyone has.


    1. Hatm0nster says:

      I think he really did go nuts. He went from a hero (albeit a shinra hero), to an all-encompassing need to somehow fulfill jenova’s legacy. He became a megalomaniac convinced of his own destiny to become exactly what Jenova was and surpass it.

      I’m not entirely sure though…his motivation confusing at the very least.


  2. Cory Woodrum says:

    Losing Aeris’ limit breaks is annoying, but I don’t think you really need a dedicated replacement healer. The best defense is a good offense!


    1. Hatm0nster says:

      Hmm…you got a point there. Perhaps it IS time to start playing offense!


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