Glitches Involving Wackiness

Screenshot from Flickr User: A. Currell
Screenshot from Flickr User: A. Currell

Today’s post focuses on my favorite kind of glitches, the silly ones.  These ones fill me with mirth and make game errors not so terrible.  Enjoy these hilarious (and mildly amusing) glitches.  That’s an order.

Unintended mutants: “Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams”, I found, enjoys a good freeze now and then on my somewhat injured XBox.  Not funny.  It’s also not funny when you make a mistake and it becomes impossible to continue the game.  What is funny was early on, in Wetstone Lake, when I whacked one of the squirrels (who are not nice, so it’s okay), and it ran away and stopped somewhere, where it started contorting.  The body stood up vertically behind it, while one eye got huge, and it lost all of its limbs but one, and that limb got long and began to wiggle.  It was hilarious, but also a bit terrifying.

Books made into movies, then into games, which then have glitches: A rather common glitch occurred in the game version of “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”.  In this game, the Uruk-Hai with the bombs strapped to their backs, in the level Helm’s Deep: Breached Wall, would get enormous and run at you while floating above the ground.  Rather scary, all things considered, but still strangely funny.  And my first time playing “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” (on the GameCube) involved characters spinning around while talking.  They would spaz out, facing all kinds of different directions like lunatics, whilst in the middle of chatting with other people.  It never happened again, and part of me wished it would.

Coffee-induced glitches: Another bizarre thing happened in a used copy of the original “Ratchet and Clank” (which appeared to have coffee spilled on it by the former owner, which came off quite easily, so I don’t get why they couldn’t have just done that themselves…).  Ratchet was in this place I don’t remember super well, but I know there was rising water, and you had to move quickly.  Ratchet was swimming underwater at one point, and when he jumped out, everything stayed all foggy and hard to see as if he was still underwater, and while he walked and otherwise moved like he was on land, his movement was slow.  It was quite strange, but once he died due to his slowness, it never happened again.  That’ll show him.

What goofy glitches have you found?  Are not some glitches delightful?  Was my grammar weird just there?

The Duck Sometimes Enjoys a Good Funny Glitch

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  1. Mileson says:

    I will always love a good glitch. Skyrim has too many to even count, but I love em all.


    1. duckofindeed says:

      As long as it doesn’t cause me trouble, glitches can indeed be rather fun. And I seem to have gotten some rare ones, so I’ve actually had the pleasure of enjoying some glitches that few else have.


  2. cary says:

    As much as I loved Red Dead Redemption, it got really glitchy at times. Never with the main character (which is why they were more funny than frustrating), but rather involving animals. The western landscape was full of different animals, and on more that on occasion, I saw wild horses get “stuck” in trees, coyotes floating across the desert, and birds that somehow flew about without wings.Okay, so maybe I felt sorry for them for a moment, but it was funny to see these poor creations in a game so serious.


    1. duckofindeed says:

      That sounds pretty funny. Harmless glitches can be pretty fun. “Jak X” actually has a video you can unlock that shows glitches they encountered while making the game that were pretty funny. It wouldn’t have been funny if they ended up in the final version of the game because it involved characters becoming mutated during cut scenes, but it was pretty funny to watch in that video.


  3. Hatm0nster says:

    Glitches…Glitches…I don’t think I’ve encountered many besides the more famous ones. My favorites of those have to be the Skyrim giants launching players into the stratosphere and Missingno (whom I caught in my pokemon red version despite advice not to. Was never able to save a game again after that 🙂 )


    1. duckofindeed says:

      I just looked up the Missingno glitch. How bizarre. I had a friend that had various glitches in a “Pokémon” game, but that one was due to her using a Game Shark too many times. I borrowed her Game Shark a few times in order to get new Pokémon and to get those items used for leveling up, but luckily I didn’t use it enough to get any problems

      I also found a Youtube video of the Skyrim glitch. How funny.


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