Unforgettable: Castle Rock

Screenshot from Flickr User: PSMANIA
Screenshot from Flickr User: PSMANIA

Every once in a while, there comes along something in a video game that is just so great and so unforgettable, you must share it with everyone you know.  Sometimes, there is just a certain awesome cut scene or epic challenge or a particularly enjoyable level that sticks with you, that stays in your mind so well that, even after you haven’t played that game in years, you still remember that one thing as a point of greatness.  And that is the focus for this new series of posts I recently came up with, inspired by two amazing platformers, “Rayman Origins” and “Rayman Legends” (maybe they haven’t had enough time to stick with me for years yet due to them being fairly new, but there’s no doubt in my mind that they will).

These particular games not only stand out in the beautiful artwork and fun, challenging gameplay, but they also are unique in how goofy and different some of the levels are, including levels where you fight undead grannies that try to whack you with their purses or where you must defeat a boss that was simply minding her own business painting her nails in “Rayman Origins” or levels in which you must direct Murphy to eat the cake blocking your path or spread guacamole on things to make platforms for you to cross in “Rayman Legends”.  Such things are quite difficult to forget, not to mention a group of levels in “Rayman Legends” that I found particularly entertaining.

This game features several levels where the background music is all in time with what’s happening in the game, which is a pretty simple idea, but it’s something that I really enjoyed.  Nevertheless, as I played through these levels, none of them turned out to be quite as enjoyable as the very first, “Castle Rock”, in which plays a version of the song “Black Betty”, with what I believe is a Livingstone (those thin, green enemies) doing the main vocals.  I loved this level so much, I played through it several times and couldn’t help but watch it on Youtube several times more.  I just loved how well they integrated the music with this particular level, and I couldn’t get over that hideous, yet hilarious voice doing the main singing.  Not to mention the fact that I enjoyed watching the enemies rocking out to the music, as well.

And so, I have the video of this level below so you can see just how great it is.  It is very rare for me to actually want to replay and re-watch a level over and over again even after I’ve gotten everything in it.  Even if a level was fun, I don’t often choose to go back to it unless there’s something in it I’ve forgotten.  But, this one is just so great, it needs more than one playthrough, and each time, it’s as delightful as the time before.  Such a memorable and hilarious level is more than deserving of being the focus of my very first post in this series, and I hope you enjoy watching this level about as much as I did playing it.  Again and again and again.

Video from Youtube user: GameKiller346

Castle Duck


  1. The music levels in this game were so inventive and fun. They definitely stick with you. Great blog topic. Castle Rock definitely deserves some praise.


    1. duckofindeed says:

      I knew right away when I first played this level that it needed its own blog post. Actually, this new series of posts really came about just because of that one level. All the music levels were great (and the 8-bit versions were so challenging, but satisfying to complete), but this one was, by far, the best.


  2. phoenolf says:

    ladies and gentlemen, the true definition of an epic moment in gaming


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