A PC Noob Needs You!

Image from Flickr User: Linus Bohman
Image from Flickr User: Linus Bohman

Most of my very first gaming experiences came on the PC platform, i can still remember the good old days of Command And Conquer, The Sims, and Football Manager, at the time most PC games were quite some way ahead of the gaming console technology at the time, then one Christmas i was bought a Nintendo 64, and for me it all changed, since then i’ve never looked back, and pretty much played exclusively on consoles with the odd stint playing Football Manager on my laptop being the only exception, but over the last couple of years we’ve seen a number of ‘Indie’ games born on the PC gaining huge popularity, games like Don’t Starve, Minecraft & Super Meat Boy. A lot of the success of these games is down to Youtube, it shows just how powerful of a tool that it has become when you see a big Youtuber plays a game and its popularity can sore through the roof, it just shows what a bit of exposure can do, but that’s a discussion for another time, my point is, i feel like i’m really missing out here!
When i see games like Minecraft and Day Z it really makes me want to get back into PC gaming, i think right now it just looks like raw, simple, fun gaming and that’s something i definitely miss. Now don’t get me wrong, i love my console gaming, and a lot of the Indie games that have been successful have found their way onto the console platform, but they always seem to be watered down versions of what you see on the PC, obviously PCs tend to be far more powerful than consoles so cutbacks have to be made somewhere, this is to be expected though with the price difference between a good gaming PC and a PS4/ Xbox One.
This is where the other attraction comes though, the PC may be twice more expensive, but the games themselves are so much better value for money, i get so jealous when i see the bargains that people get on Steam, and sometimes it can be for a game that i’ve recently paid £40 for! It’s a little bit frustrating to tell the truth.
Anyway, my main purpose of this post is to get a bit of advice. I’m sure many of you are aware by now that Steam are releasing on machine specifically for gaming. The hardware is going to be taken on by several different partners and options are something you definitely won’t be short of.
I should explain that my PC knowledge is just average, i know what i’m doing for the most part when i’m using a PC, but choosing one is a completely different matter altogether, i look through the different models and the specs of machines and it’s like trying to read latin, it just makes no sense!
I know that you generally get what you pay for with a PC and you can keep on adding and upgrading so much that it can end up costing the Earth, but personally i don’t really want to spend mega bucks, i’m looking for something around the £1200 mark, and in a perfect world that would get me everything, A monitor, the operating system and things like MS Word and security, so, could you wonderful people of the internet please help me?
Just a rough idea of what i should be looking at, and what should i focus on if i was to build my own? Or is it worth just waiting for a Steam Machine? Any information is greatly appreciated as i currently feel a bit lost!

Yours Thankfully,

A PC Noob.


  1. duckofindeed says:

    When I was studying for a computer certification, I read mention of what a gaming PC requires. It says you’ll want at least 8 GB of RAM and a hard drive that is 1 or 2 TB (that’s terabytes) that spins at 7200 rpm or faster. You’ll also want a good GPU card (that’s for graphics) with 1 GB RAM on it. You’ll also want a good sound card and possibly good cooling, as well, as PC gamers often overclock the CPU, making it go faster than it normally would, which produces extra heat (liquid cooling is the fanciest cooling method I know of, but I don’t know if it’s necessary). I don’t know how expensive all this would be, but if it is too much, I’m sure you could get away with making some changes so your gaming PC can be more affordable.


  2. nidge91 says:

    Thanks Duck! Yeah you’re echoing what a lot of people have been telling me, £1200 is a good amount to get a solid system from what people say, and it’d be more beneficial to make my own rather than getting a Steam Machine, i’ll let you know when i’ve got one, we’ll have to see what happens in the next couple of months!


  3. Hatm0nster says:

    I’m kind of in the same boat as you Nidge91. I’ve always been on the outside looking-in when it comes to all the wonderful things a good PC can do for gaming. I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy a good gaming rig though. Cost is one factor, but also time (so many games so little time you know?)

    However, my desktop machine of 5 years recently died. So I now have an excuse to actually look into it. Long story short: same position, Duck gave a great response, everybody wins! 😀


  4. nidge91 says:

    Yeas very similar position, i used to have a laptop which wasn’t made for gaming by any means but could handle the lower end games, now that’s gone i have my excuse as well! Yes there will be a lot of games to plough through!


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