UWG’s Social Media Poll: The Results

A few weeks ago, we released a poll concerning United We Game and social media. It was our first foray into polling, and rest assured, it will not be our last! We had a fantastic turn-out for this poll, and we’re now pleased to publish the results. This input is invaluable as we work in maintaining and  improving United We Game’s social media presence. This, in turn, will assist us in making this the best possible site for gamers and bloggers. THANK YOU to everyone who voted!

We welcome any and all feedback, so if you have something to say, go ahead and do so in the comments, or drop us a line at wegameunited@gmail.com. Thank you to all our contributors, readers, and followers for helping to make UWG the site that it’s become today. Play, Share, Unite!

Social Media Poll Q1

Social Media Poll Q2

Social Media Poll Q3

Social Media Poll Q4

Social Media Poll Q5

Social Media Poll Q6

Social Media Poll Q7

Social Media Poll Q8

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Social Media Poll Q10