News Byte: Zynga Brings on New COO, is Still Facing Losses


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Zynga brings on new COO, is still facing losses

Zynga recently brought on a new Chief Operating Officer – Clive Downie, formerly of DeNA West. This marked a significant move for the company as it posted its less than spectacular 3rd quarter earning around the same time.  Also in recent memory is that Zynga took on a new CEO – Don Mattick. In releasing his first quarterly report, Mattick stated that the company is still facing losses, though their smaller than were expected – 2 cents a share rather than the forecasted 4 cents a share.

Zynga, which is well known for its Facebook and mobile games, as stuggled in recent months as the industry has become more competitive. As COO, one of Downie’s main goals is to help Zynga make a return to profitability in the mobile gaming market.

Source: Games Industry International

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