Listmas 2021: Savory-Sounding Video Game Foods

Merry Listmas everybody! Yup, it’s that time again, and we’re kicking things off by discussing the most mouth-watering foods and drinks we’ve seen in video games! Even though we don’t usually see it in our games, food often plays an important role nonetheless, and some of it sounds pretty darn good! Here are some dishes and drinks that I would love to get a taste of!

Lemonade (Pokemon series)

Video from YouTube channel: SeriouslyTheCat

I’ve sort of wanted to try this particular lemonade ever since Pokemon Red/Blue. It’s not that it actually sounded delicious per se. I don’t think it could even look delicious until Pokemon Ruby / Sapphire, when we got our first pictures for items. No, I just imagined that any lemonade (or soda for that matter) capable of massively reinvigorating the drinker must be amazingly delicious. Such a lemonade probably doesn’t exist here in the real world, so all I can do is speculate on what kind of flavor could brink someone back from the brink of exhaustion. Maybe some sort of raspberry/blueberry/lemon blend?

Mr. Luggs’ Pudding (Luigi’s Mansion)

Video from YouTube channel: BossBattleChannel

This is another one that I’m mostly just speculating on, but not without some merit I think. For one, I can’t help but wonder what a ghostly pudding would taste like (could you even eat it?). For another, Mr. Luggs is REALLY into it. Really, this stuff is apparently so good that he’s been sitting in the mansion’s dining room for who knows how long eating plate after plate of it. He doesn’t even pay attention to Luigi until it’s all vacuumed away, sending the ghost into a rage-induced bout of acid reflux. Think about that for a second. This pudding is so incredibly good that running out is distressing enough to give a ghost heartburn! How could you not want to know what a food of that caliber tastes like?

Sweet Roll (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Video from YouTube channel: Darthnoobslayer

What can I say? If a food is tasty enough to inspire people to report its theft to the town guards, then it must be pretty darn amazing. Yeah, the sweet roll is one of the more famous memes to come out of Skyrim, but then that’s only because the Nords apparently love it enough to start fights over it. To me it looks like some sort of gingerbread cake with a nice helping of icing on top, and that sounds absolutely to die for. I’m not sure I would go so far as to fight someone for the chance to eat it, but I’d definitely be willing to wait outside the bakery for one. This one actually seems rather simple to make too, maybe I’ll try to take up baking and make one myself. Still, I doubt mine could ever hold a candle to the real thing.

Lava Soup (The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons)

Video from YouTube channel: Tresonance

I know the game says that it’s actual lava, but…is it really? All I know is that everything in the land this dish is from (Subrosia) is hot, and that’s exactly my kind of jam when it comes to food. I imagine this to be some sort of wonderfully spicy soup that would be absolutely perfect for enjoying a cold autumn night camped out under the stars somewhere. If it is actually lava though…well maybe Subrosia lava is actually pretty good?

Literally Everything (Final Fantasy XV)

Video from YouTube channel: Arie seventline

Kind of a cheat, but hey I gotta have at least one right? I mean, everyone in this game is somehow an amazing cook. Well, that and Square Enix absolutely went out of their way to make everything look like Gordon Ramsay himself put his all into cooking it. Even boring ol’ Cup of Noodles looks like a fine delicacy in this game, and I want it! Well, it and absolutely everything else Noctis and his crew eat over the course of their journey. Seriously, with so much amazing-looking food, how could you ever just choose one?!

Well, those are the foods/drinks I really wish I could try, and I guess I actually can try most of them. Woo! I suppose I just need to learn how to cook and I too could try a version of Lava Soup someday. Maybe I’ll make that a priority for next year. Until then though, I’ve got more lists to write. Please be sure to check them out as Listmas continues!

What dishes and drinks do you want to try most? Are there any that you think you could make yourself?

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