Hot Wheels Unleashed’s SkyScraper Level Looks Pretty Sick!

I’m not usually one to get psyched for racing games. Something about them just isn’t terribly appealing to me I guess. There are exceptions though. In the PS2 days, I absolutely loved Burnout, and the Mario Kart series has always been a blast. There was also Hot Wheels: Velocity X on the Gamecube, and I’ve long felt that neither it nor Hot Wheels ever got the credit they deserved as racing games. All this is to say that I’m pretty psyched to see Hot Wheels finally coming back in a big way in Hot Wheels Unleashed.

Video from YouTube channel: Milestone Team

I don’t know about you, but I love the look of this game already! The all-important sense of speed is already there; these tracks really do all look like they were set-up by someone who loved Hot Wheels tracks as a kind, and the cars actually look like the toys! Just looking at this makes me feel a bit nostalgic! Props to the developers here, because this already looks incredible!

There’s no release date yet, but I’m already feeling psyched about this! How about you?

image is a promotional screenshot