GRIT Takes Battle Royale Out West

The battle royale craze may be over, but the games are still rolling into town nonetheless. The next title to throw its hat into the fray will be GRIT: a wild west-themed take on the genre. While the idea of an all-out cowboy brawl sounds pretty fun on paper, I wonder if it’s really enough to stake a plot amongst the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Video from YouTube channel: Fight With Grit

GRIT’s setup sounds fairly standard at first. One hundred cowpolk will walk into a small, old western town and only one will walk out once the dust settles. Players try to gain advantages over all the other dudes by scouring the map for better weapons and equipment. GRIT does offer a few differences from past games such as the ability to ride around on your own, personal horse. Apparently different character builds can be made on the fly too depending on the gear you pick up. Indeed, it sounds like having different combinations of gear in your possession can change your cowboy’s abilities and/or stats. There’s also a showdown system which allows you to launch a high-noon style standoff if you can tag the guy who knocked you down quickly enough. Win the shootout and you can continue on with the match. If you lose, well then its “so long, partner” to you.

The first round of beta tests are already finished, but those interested can sign up for the next set by moseying on over to GRIT’s steam page and following the directions there.


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