Cheeky Charlatans: Crazy Redd

When first started discussing gaming’s greatest mischief makers, Redd the Fox was one of the first characters to pop into my mind. It’s not so much that he’s done anything terribly bad (that we know of), but rather his obvious shifty attitude. This is a dude who runs his business out of back alleys, tents and vehicles, that is: either easily overlooked crannies or temporary locations that are easily packed up and moved. Why is that? Well, let’s dive in and take a closer look.

Video from YouTube channel: barolb

Whenever we see ol’ Crazy Redd, he always happens to have the deal of a lifetime all set and ready to go for a bargain price! It’s kind of amazing, isn’t it? In fact, it’s perhaps a little too amazing. Redd uses every trick in the book to get unsuspecting villagers into his shop and then talks up every last item like it’s a one of a kind treasure that we’re lucky to even see, much less actually have the chance to purchase. Redd talks fast, uses all manner of flattery, familiar language and outright hard selling to make sure that everyone who enters his shop only leaves after making a purchase. Getting them out the door quickly is even better.

Of course, not every item Redd sells is as rare or precious as he claims it to be. Much of it can be purchased at Tom Nook’s for a fraction of the price, and some of it is actually worthless upon closer inspection. Yup, unfortunately Redd has no qualms about selling items at a massive markup, nor is all that concerned about whether or not the “art” he sells is genuine. In fact, the way he talks up some the fakes he’s selling makes one wonder if it’s actually Redd himself making them (good luck proving that though). No matter what’s on offer though, once you enter Redd’s shop, you better have your defenses up and know what exactly it is that you’re buying.

All that said though, Crazy Redd is mostly harmless and a good reminder to not always trust everything everyone says. Sure, Crazy Redd is out solely to earn more bells for Crazy Redd, but his antics end up being little more than a prank in the greater scheme of Animal Crossing. Besides, if you ever stop to actually listen to what he has to say about his wares, Redd can be downright hilarious at times! Honestly, paying a few hundred bells extra for a TV is worth it when Redd’s throwing-in his trademark silliness in as part of the deal!

How do you feel about your dealings with Crazy Redd? Was he ever able to fool you? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more Cheeky Charlatans!

Lede image by Hatmonster