Diving Into Resident Evil 7 (Finally)

For the longest time, I’ve lived as a quasi-fan of the Resident Evil series. With the exception of Resident Evil 6, I’ve always found myself excited whenever a new one was announced and more than happy to watch friends play through them. However, I’ve never been of a mind to actually play a Resident Evil game. I always felt that I couldn’t play them, that the tension or awkward-looking controls would be too much. Yet, I’ve always wanted to actually give the series a try, and I thought that time had come when I saw the first trailer for Resident Evil 7.

Video from YouTube channel: RabbidRetrospectiveGames

I absolutely love this trailer! The music is so foreboding, and the visuals all inspire a real sense of dread! I really thought I’d jump onboard with this one, and once it came out…I didn’t. “There are other games I’d rather play,” I told myself. That was true, but I think the reality is that I was (and still kind of am) scared to play it. Horror games aren’t my usual fare, and I don’t like the shocks that many of them tend to rely on. It usually doesn’t matter how fascinating a horror game might be, I almost always will refuse to play it and move on. With Resident Evil 7 though, I couldn’t move on. It kept popping up.

As I said before, I love that trailer, and it tends to pop-up on my YouTube feed every so often. I have to watch it whenever it does, so I’m never quite able to forget about the game. It also doesn’t help that my friends are all huge fans of Resident Evil 7 and the series in general, so they won’t let me forget about the game either. Even so, between moving away from home and everything that went down in 2020, I finally forgot about it forgot about it for a good long while. And that brings us to last week, wherein the game showed up in a couple of top ten list videos. Once again, I thought: “oh right, I’ve wanted to play that,” and I looked it up on PSN. The game was on sale for $10, and I couldn’t resist. So now, after 4 years of avoiding it, I’ve finally bought Resident Evil 7. All I have to do now is play it. I spent money on it, so I definitely have to.

I’ve only just started the game; nothing scary has happened yet. However, despite not looking forward to the scares I know are coming, I’m actually rather psyched that I’m finally getting around to play a Resident Evil game! I’ve spent years keeping myself benched on the sidelines, and now it’s finally time to take a chance and play the game for real! So, here we go! Check back next week for a progress report!

Do you like the Resident Evil games? Got any tips for RE7? Do you have a series or game that you want to play but just can’t for whatever reason?

Image captured from official announcement trailer

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