Konami To Mostly Stop Developing Games

Konami just recently announced that they’re shuttering their 3 game development divisions and consolidating the remnants into a small part of the main production wing of the company. This is basically the news in a nutshell, and I wish I could say that I didn’t see it coming. It’s kind of an end of an era in a way.

Video from YouTube channel: ReviewTechUSA

In addition to laying out the news quite well, the video above more or less lays out my views on this turn of events. Again, Konami has just announced that they’re restructuring the company, and that apparently involves shutting down most of their game development division. It’s not completely going away, but we probably can’t expect much from the once-great developer now that they’re devoting far fewer resources to making games.

According to the video, this could mean that Konami will simply be contracting out work to other studios while they handle publishing and whatnot. I actually don’t mind that idea since it means we may actually (finally) get new Castlevania, Metal Gear, Silent Hill and Suikoden games after so many years of the company just sitting on them.

Konami was was a great game-maker, lasting all the way into the Xbox 360/ PS3 era before finally losing its nerve in 2014. After that whole mess with Kojima, Silent Hills and their pachinko business, Konami had made it clear that they weren’t interested in making games anymore, and they more or less proved it with Metal Gear Survive.

I’m sorry to see a one time giant of game development do the equivalent of throwing in the towel…but I’m not that sorry. Modern Konami has been a roadblock standing between me and game series I want to see more of, so it’s totally fine with me if they make the full jump from developer to publisher. Now if they can’t hack it as a publisher either…then perhaps we’ll have a problem. Until then, keep those fingers crossed people!

What do you think of this? Are you sad to see Konami bow out of development? What do you want to see happen after this?

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