New Gameplay Released for Fairy Tail RPG

Fairy Tail fans got some more gameplay footage from the new Fairy Tail RPG earlier this week. In a pretty lengthy video, the game’s hub city of Crocus was on full display along with more combat scenes and story beats. Speaking of the story, it looks like the Koei Tecmo is taking the opportunity to provide fans with more character moments while following the Grandd Magic Games story arc. Check it all out below!

Video from YouTube channel: Koei Tecmo Europe

Initially, an RPG seemed like an odd decision for an action-packed series like Fairy Tail, but the decision seems more sound as more footage comes out. The characters look like they’ve jumped right out of the anime; the magic is appropriately flashy, and the voice acting is sounding pretty well-done too. I’m not sure if I’m locked-in to buy it yet, but I think the game’s shaping up quite nicely so far.

What do you think of Fairy Tail? Think you’ll check it out?

Lede image from Fairy Tail website.