Dark Souls Remastered, Dying Light To Be Featured in Games with Gold?

It looks like the cat might have gotten out of the bag just a little bit early for next month’s selection of free games in Sony’s Games with Gold program on the PlayStation 4. As is the case with all free game bonus services, the value fluctuates from month to month, it all depends. Well, if the leaks are true, then next month is going to be one of the better ones.

According to a report from Twisted Voxel, next month’s games have leaked and they’re pretty decent. The leaked imaged posted on ResetEra indicates that Dark Souls Remastered and Dying Light will be next months options. Both have been around for awhile, Dark Souls especially since the original version came out during the previous generation. Still there are probably a lot of people out there who haven’t played them yet, so this should work out great for them if it turns out to be true. I don’t think I’ll be downloading either of them since I feel like I kind of missed the boat at this point (and I’ve still got Final Fantasy VII Remake on my to play list), but this is still pretty exciting news, don’t you think?

Will you be downloading these if it turns out that they are indeed the featured free games? Which one are you more excited for?

Image by Flickr user Fe Ilya (CC BY-SA 2.0)