Returning To Reach After 7 Years

Despite all that’s happened over the past several years and all of the incredible games that I’ve played in that time, some part of me still can’t believe that it’s been about seven years since I last booted up Halo: Reach. I’ve always insisted that Halo 3 was my favorite of the series, but I most definitely sunk the most time into Halo: Reach.

It’s also the Halo game in which my skill was at its peak. Never before had felt so in control on the virtual battlefield, and I still haven’t quite felt the same since. Still, it really has been seven years since I last played and nine since the game first came out. Heck, I still remember being super excited after seeing the game’s multiplayer trailer!

I’ve often toyed with the notion of returning to the game in recent years, but a combination of always playing other games and a (probably healthy) fear of the online die-hards who never stopped playing kept me from ever actually doing so. With the game’s inclusion in Halo: The Master Chief Collection however, that’s finally going to change.

Not only is Halo: Reach going to be that much more accessible now, but it’s coming back in glorious 60fps with all the additional maps and such included. There will be plenty of people around my skill level to play with, and everyone is going to have the same content; no more wishing that more players had bought the map packs, woo! I’m probably nowhere near as good as I used to be, but I still can’t wait to pick up a DMR, jump back into the fray, and earn my old armor set back. Heck, I won’t even have to spend several months acquiring it this time since 343 Industries was kind enough to speed the process up for everyone. Yeah, it’s a very old game now, but it’s going to be a blast again nonetheless!

Are you ready to jump back into Halo: Reach? If you never played it before, think you’ll give it a try now?

Image by Flickr user: commorancy