New Super Lucky’s Tale Coming to Nintendo Switch

Classical collect-em-up fans rejoice! Super Lucky’s Tale is no longer an Xbox One exclusive! While not enough to move a system like the Xbox One, Super Lucky’s Tale is decent enough to make one’s inner Spyro-fan jump with excitement.

Video from YouTube channel: Nintendo

Super Lucky’s Tale is your standard 3D action platformer. Lucky is our adorable fox mascot, and he’s out to save the world from what it almost certainly some variety of cartoony villian. He’s got moves to flex, he’s got items to collect, and he’s got several worlds to run through as he does both. If this piques your interest at all, you can pick it up on the Nintendo Switch on November 8.

What’s your take on Super Lucky’s Tale? Is it an adventure worth taking, or is something better left to someone else?

Lede image from Nintendo eShop page