New Pokemon Stuff on the Horizon

Nintendo and the Pokemon Company held a “Pokemon Press Conference” to tell fans about many new developments coming to the franchise. The first of these was a follow-up to “Detective Pikachu” coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime in the next year or so. They didn’t really elaborate beyond that, but at least fan know it exists now. Of course, there were plenty of other announcements made, including for something called “Pokemon Center.”

“Pokemon Center” will apparently be a new kind of store dedicated to Pokemon. That said, it doesn’t appear like it’s meant to be a traditional retail store. Instead, it appears to be more of a Pokemon experience. A virtual Mewtwo poster will greet visitors at the door, and it seems there will be a couple of activities for younger visitors to enjoy in addition to shopping for Pokemon games and merchandise.

Another new development coming to Pokemon has to do with the minds behind Pokemon Go and their quest to turn sleep into entertainment. It’s currently called “Pokemon Sleep,” and it will somehow use player’s sleep schedules to influence its gameplay in someway. The goal, they said, was to make waking up in the morning an exciting event. They’re even developing a new device to keep track of user’s sleep cycle to help accomplish this (it looks like a big Pokeball). There aren’t many more details available at the moment, but fans can look forward to trying it out sometime in 2020.

Nothing was said about Pokemon Sword and Shield, except that more information will be coming next week in a special Pokemon Direct video. So if none of this is interesting, then at least you don’t have to wait long for the good stuff.

What do you think of all this? Are you looking forward to turning your sleep into entertainment?

Lede image by Flickr user: Adam Purves (S3ISOR) (cc)