Sunday Video Round Up: September 16 – 22

With October right around the corner, we’re in the thick of the fall release schedule. While that may be bad for all of our wallets, it’s definitely a good thing for those of us who enjoy watching new trailers and gameplay videos. Let’s take a look at all the content from this past week in a brand new edition of the Video Round Up. Here’s a taste.

The biggest reveal this week arguably came from Capcom as they finally revealed the highly anticipated Dante gameplay for Devil May Cry V. The reveal trailer also included a number of surprises for longtime fans as well as a crossover item from one of Capcom’s other well known franchise: Mega Man.

In fact, another classic Capcom franchise also made quite the splash this week. The latest trailer for Resident Evil 2 Remake continues to impress with its visuals and attention to detail. Longtime fans of the franchise will definitely see a classic character making a return and I don’t know about you, but zombie dogs have never been more scary…

I’ve also got new videos for SoulCalibur VI, PlayStation Classic, Pokemon Let’s Go, and so much more after the break! The full list of videos awaits you after the jump…

Devil May Cry V – TGS 2018 Trailer
SoulCalibur VI – Raphael Trailer
Resident Evil 2 Remake – Story Trailer
Pokemon Let’s Go – A Whole New Way To Go Trailer
Life is Strange 2 – Launch Trailer
Control – New Protagonist Developer Diary
Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season – Episode Two Trailer
FIFA 19 – Launch Trailer
Frostpunk – The Fall of Winterhome Dev Diary
Transference – Launch Trailer
Capcom Beat Em’ Up Bundle – Launch Trailer
Jump Force – TGS 18 Trailer
Undertale – Switch Release Date Trailer
Steep X Games – Announcement Trailer
NBA 2k Playgrounds 2 – Ball without Limits Trailer
Dragon Ball FighterZ – Android 17 Trailer
Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker – Heal Class Trailer
Warhammer: Chaosbane – Rise of Chaos Trailer
Devil May Cry 5 – Mega Buster Trailer
PlayStation Classic – Announcement Trailer
Heroes of the Storm – Fall of King’s Crest Trailer