Get Your Camping Gear Ready, ‘Cause Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is Out!

Nintendo’s newest mobile offering, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, is out today and just in time for that long drive to your aunt’s house for Thanksgiving. Pocket Camp puts players in charge of their own campground and gives them free reign to customize it as they see fit. As in past Animal Crossing games, players can go fishing, gather fruit, collect bugs and talk with their visitors. Pocket Camp will also be introducing crafting to the Animal Crossing formula. Players can gather crafting materials and give them to Cyrus the Llama in order to create cool things to decorate you campsite with. Of course, this is a mobile game so not everything is going to be free.

Prepare to either wait or buy some in-game currency in order to keep things moving. This is Nintendo though, so the game’s microtransactions likely won’t be too terrible. For the complete scoop on the game, check out its official website right here.

Will you be picking this one up or can you wait until they eventually release a full and proper game to get your Animal Crossing fix?

Image gathered from the official Animal Crossing twitter feed.