YouTube Highlights: November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! (Or, happy Thursday if Thanksgiving isn’t your thing.) Though it’s a holiday for us, we’re not taking a break from posting our monthly highlights from YouTube. If anything, we’re more than thankful for our subscribers and supporters there, and here…and everywhere. Thanks to you, you..and YOU! To everyone who’s motivated us to keep writing and playing. We hope that what we offer lends a little joy. 🙂 Speaking of which, November was a rousing good month for us video-wise, so let’s get on with the highlights!

First and foremost, we are incredibly pleased to have introduced this month, care of The Duck of Indeed, two brand new Let’s Plays: Ratchet & Clank (PS4) and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask! We hope  you’ll follow along as The Duck takes on these exciting titles.

With new beginnings often come new endings, and I completed my third “Not Zangief” this month with another new title, Guilty Gear Xrd Sign, and a couple old friends.

Meanwhile, this month also saw the close of The Duck’s “Nostalgic Notions” playthrough of games on Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection. But she did it with a keen flourish, and she even offered up a surprise!

Going to the land of continuing Let’s Plays, this month The Duck kept on motoring through worlds of snow and sunsets in Kirby’s Return to Dreamland.

She’s also been proceeding grandly through that now timeless (and weightless!) classic, Super Mario Galaxy!

Not to be left the wings, her time spent with Super Paper Mario this month was time well spent, indeed.

And last, but hardly least (because there’s nothing “least” about everyone’s favorite family of gaming gorillas!), we have Donkey Kong Country 3. This month The Duck entered the game’s mostly-snowy level, K3. And if you think it sounds innocuous, think again.

And that’s going to do it for this month’s YouTube Highlights! Once again, thank you so much for being the wonderful readers and watchers that you are. If you missed any of our previous highlights posts, just click on the links below. Or…you could just subscribe to United We Game on YouTube, and then you’ll have full access to ALL our videos. We hope to see you there!

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  1. Fantastic! Definitely will be taking a look at these!

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    1. cary says:

      Cool, thanks! Hope you like what you see. 😊

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    As we (collectively, across these lands) gear up for the year-end holidays, some of us undoubtedly have a little extra time to spare. Or maybe you don’t, but you need a moment of escape. Well, it is with this in mind that I’m plugging UWG’s YT channel once again. We’re celebrating a year-and-a-half of success! Granted, it’s been a slow road to travel, but between Hatm0nster, The Duck, and I, it seems we’re doing a decent job. Each month I’ve been offering up a YouTube Highlights post to show off our wares, and here’s the most recent one (though we’ve posted plenty of new content since the end of last month). Do stop on over and hit that “subscribe” button, why don’tcha? It’s the perfect present for you and us!


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