Working to be Competitive

Destiny’s “Rise of Iron” expansion is finally out and with it comes new things to do and new gear to acquire! I’ve already played through the story and am looking forward to the new “Wrath of the Machine” raid, but what I’ve got my eye on are all the really flashy items to be awarded in the “Trials of Osiris” pvp mode. The thing is, if you want to get anything out of the trials, you gotta win first.

For those not in the know, “Trials of Osiris” is Destiny’s weekly high-level competitive playlist.  It’s a 3v3 elimination-type of game where each team must completely wipe-out the other in order to win each round. The first team to win 5 rounds wins the match. Everything about the Trials is meant to inspire a high-level of competition. You have to spend some in-game resources to access it, and you put together your own team in order to play it.Your team had better be good too, because “Trials of Osiris” is where the best come to play. If you want the coolest gear in Destiny you gotta be ready (and able) to win! There are no consolation prizes here.

I actually fared pretty well in the first season of Trials. I even made it to the fabled “Lighthouse” location a few times. After that, I mostly put the game down for a few months in favor of other things. However, Destiny being Destiny I eventually came back and eventually decided to try my hand at Trials again, figuring I’d be able to do about as well as I had before. I was in for a bit of a surprise.

I am by no means bad at Destiny’s multiplayer. In most circumstances I can hold my own, but when I tried to get back into Trials it was as if I had entered a completely different world from the one I knew before. Where I was once the stalwart survivor of my team, I was now consistently the first to be eliminated. Where I was once able to deftly outmaneuver my opponents, I found myself struggling to keep them in my sights. In the time I had spent away from the game, the game had moved on and now I had to do something that I’d never had never had to do before: I had to play catch-up.

You see, in the past I was always able to retain my skill level. No matter how long I let the game sit, I could always come back and jump right in like I’d never left. I’d even get better after playing for a few hours! However, the last time I did that was when Halo 4 was still fresh and popular; a few years ago. In hindsight, jumping back into a game and setting aside time to practice was definitely an easier thing to do a few years ago than it is today. I just never really realized just how much easier.

Needless to say, I’m older now than I was a few years ago. I’m not “old” but I’m also no longer of the age group with the fastest reflexes and the greatest amount of free time. I work for a living, have projects to work on, and obligations to fulfill; all things I didn’t have a few years ago. Suffice it to say, like most adults my time for gaming has become limited. More limited than I ever thought it would be. It would seem that has taken a bit of a toll. I’ve been able to do some practice, but not as much as I’d like. I’ve had to do it over the course of several weeks vs a few days. I’ve even started watching tactics videos and such on YouTube. They’ve helped, but after all that I’m only just now starting to get back to where I was only a year and a half ago. I’ll probably get there eventually, but it’s been quite an eye-opening experience trying to do so.

I may sound like I was a bit shocked by all this, and that’s because I honestly was. I’ve always known that I wouldn’t always be able to to just grab the controller and simply pick up where I left off. I just thought I’ve have a bit more time before age and circumstance made that impossible. Ah well, I suppose this will at least make the rewards from this season’s Trials of Osiris will just be all the sweeter! The more you have to work for a prize, the better it feels to finally achieve it, right?

Has the passage of time altered how you play your games? Are there things you used to be able to do that you just can’t grasp anymore?

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  1. Anidaan says:

    With most multiplayer games there are moments during a match or sometimes even for the whole match where you fall into a almost perfect rhythm. It is always being ready, turning the corner just right, checking your back at the perfect time and all together staying alive and kicking ass. When I was younger these moments would happen frequently. Nowadays, It feels like this may happen once or twice a play session and that is it. Sadly that perfect rhythm is hard to reach as I am older.

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    1. Hatm0nster says:

      I think it’s that whole “practice makes perfect” thing combined with diminished ability to compensate for lack of said practice.

      Like you said, those awesome moments still happen, it’s just that you kind of need to do more to get them.


      1. Anidaan says:

        And with limited time availible…said moments happen less and less haha.

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