Why you should take a look at Scalebound.

Platinum Games are best known for Bayonetta and Transformers: Devastation is bringing a new game to the Xbox One in early 2017. Known for combo driven combat and tricky enemies, Scalebound promises to be something completely new from Platinum Games.

The basic story is Drew is a 20 something who must join forces with Thuban, a dragon from Draconis. In this the pair must save both Earth and Draconis, from something, that tid bit of information is still hidden inside Platinum’s vault. While, there are many action adventure games out there already that ask players to have parallel worlds. There aren’t any games quite like this one. Drew sports a dragon arm that enables to him to gain super charged powers and push harder in a battle. However, unlike other games where if the hero dies its game over, this game says if either of the characters dies in battle it is game over. Thankfully, you are warned when Thuban’s health is getting dangerously low by Drew’s dragon arm glowing. Drew issues commands to Thuban, however the sophisticated A.I. determines how best to execute the command.

Now here is where the game gets interesting. The player has to cultivate the relationship between Drew and Thuban. Depending on how the player levels the pair determines how they will fair in fights and moving forward in the game. Such as leveling up Drew’s agility so he can ride on Thuban’s back or making Thuban more dexterous so he can dodge enemy attacks.

It appears additional players such as Hideki Kamiya, in the virtual flesh; join Drew to fight a Cerberus/Hydra looking creature. There is no information as of yet how the four-person co-op will go and if it is arena style or if it enhances story mode gameplay.

There is so much yet to be announced but I’m interested to see what they present to E3 this year and other game conventions. I think this is the biggest game Platinum has produced to date. I believe this game will make Platinum a real contender in the game development world. It might even slow the decline of the Japanese console market.

Video from Youtube User: IGN

Have you heard of Scalebound? Now that you’ve seen the trailer are you interested in it?

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