Discussion Mondays: Early Access Games at Retail

Do any of us really know how to treat the “Early Access” trend that’s been very rapidly gaining popularity on digital platforms. Is it good? Is it bad? It’s hard to say. This week GamerCrash took on this difficult question, one made even more so due there now being a boxed released for an “Early Access” (aka unfinished) game called “Planetary Annihilation”. Read on for more details and to throw your own thoughts into the discussion!

Gamer Crash

With as much controversy as “Early Access” type games are causing these days, one thing I’ve never thought to consider is how the discussion would change or intensify if these titles were sold at retail. Currently, they’re available digitally on Steam but if they were sold in stores, how would that affect your viewpoint?

For those who aren’t really PC players or are unaware, Early Access games are essentially titles that the developer is releasing to the general public early. You, as the consumer, pay full/normal price to gain access to the game with the general understanding that the game isn’t finished but the developer will continue to create, shape, and eventually complete the title. Well, that’s the hope anyway as we have seen some games do get taken down or outright abandoned which means that you’re out of the money you spent on it. On paper it’s a win-win as…

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