UWG’s Top 10 Games (So far)

In honor of our one year anniversary in this month of April, the UWG community decided to bring unto you, our most excellent audience, our top 10 games out of everything ever released up to this point in the life of video gaming! It took the entire month, but now our long and painstaking selection and ranking process is finally over, the list is complete! Starting tomorrow and continuing for 10 days, we’ll be counting down our top 10 games, with each game being highlighted by one of our exceptionally knowledgeable community members! (All of whom happen to be talented bloggers as well!)

This isn’t an objective list of the best games out there (like that’s even possible!). Rather, this is a list of games that are a cross-between simple personal favorites and games that were special/important to each of us once upon a time. They’ve either been tons of fun, milestones in our time as gamers, become icons of times in our lives, and representatives of dreams among many other things. In short, this is a big list and we’re psyched for the chance to share it with you!

And it all starts out tomorrow with number 10! What’s it going to be? I’ll offer one clue: 😉