Glitches Involving Injustice

Today the Duck is continuing my little glitch series with a description of glitches involving injustice in this already unfair world.  These glitches involve the unfair deaths and restarts that can sometimes be as amusing as they are frustrating.

Sometimes, your characters end up in another dimension (at least, they might as well be): In “Super Mario Sunshine”, I decided to go under the big waterwheel in Bianco Hills once as a shortcut (even though it’s a poor excuse for a waterwheel, considering it does not make contact with water, unless you squirt it, I guess), and poor Mario got pushed under the ground by one of the paddles.  Shocked and dismayed, I attempted to get him out or pause the game and exit at least, but could not.  He stayed under there, and the only thing that could be done was to restart the game.  And then Fox once fell through the ground in “Star Fox Adventures”, as well.  This time, he was simply walking along, and he just fell right through into this weird place (and he wasn’t even assaulted by a sorry example of a waterwheel, mind you).  Once again, I couldn’t escape or pause or anything, as pausing doesn’t appear to work in alternate dimensions, it seems, and had to restart the game.  Injustice!

Sometimes it’s just your time to go: In “Rayman 2”, Rayman suffered several unfortunate and unexpected deaths.  Those flaps in the wall where the powder kegs come through, well, poor Rayman wandered too close to one once and fell right through.  Wonder where that endless supply of kegs comes from?  Rayman knows.  I think it was purple.  And then he died.  Another time, Rayman jumped out of a large tank of water he was swimming in.  And kept swimming.  And swimming.  And his oxygen level went down and down, even as he swam through air.  I tried to return him to the water in an effort to extract him from the tank a second time to see if that would make him exit the water properly, but I was too slow.  He drowned.

Has your character discovered any new dimensions?  And what kind of unfair deaths has your character been a victim of?

The Duck Is Afraid of the Keg Dispensers in “Rayman 2” Now


  1. Hatm0nster says:

    I can’t think of encountering any “unjust” glitches thus far, but there was this one time when my High Elf in Skyrim discovered the “Aqua Zone”. I entered a house (the first one to the right of the Dock on Solsthiem) and somehow the game didn’t load quite right. The characters loaded up along with furniture and other objects, but no walls or floor, just this featureless green space.

    I could walk on the rugs that happened to be there, but if stepped off it meant falling forever into the “aqua zone”. I’ve kept an extra save there because it was so weird.


    1. duckofindeed says:

      That’s a pretty strange one. That bizarre space characters always end up when they fall through floors or when locations don’t load all the way is always a pretty spooky place to be. I’m surprised I’ve never had nightmares of such places.

      I’m always really careful to save before I reach that one spot in “Star Fox Adventures” now, in case Fox decides to fall into oblivion again, so I lose as little progress as possible.


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