Today in Gaming History: 11/9/13


November 9, 1998: Loki Software founded 
If you’re a PC gamer who prefers to play your games in Linux, you may have Loki Software to thank for your endeavors. Founded 15 years ago, Loki Software was one of the first companies to port Windows games to Linux.

Before Loki, most PC games were for DOS, Windows, or Apple operating systems. About their foray, Loki put it best on their now-defunct website in writing: “Gaming software is an untapped segment of the Linux market with significant potential.” Indeed, their free software tools, such as the Loki Installer, opened up the world of gaming to many Linux users. Among the games it’s published were Quake III Arena, Heretic II, Rune, and Soldier of Fortune. Loki ended its run in 2002 and several of its team members went onto Linux development jobs with firms such as Blizzard and Valve.

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