Today in Gaming History: 11/4/13


November 4, 2010: Kinect motion sensing input device launched 
Three years ago today, the Kinect was heralded into this world with promises of fun and fantastic motion-controller play. Code named “Project Natal,” the Kinect peripheral was released both with and separately from the Xbox 360, and can still be found on store shelves today. It utilizes an array of sensors to recognize a player’s gesture, face, and voice.  This motion analysis is then transferred into whatever game the player is playing. Unlike the motion controlled Wiimote for the Wii, no other controllers or devices are needed to use the Kinect.

Since its release, the Kinect has received its share of both praise and criticism. When the device works, it works very well. When it doesn’t, well…players may be left with nothing more than a large camera. The Kinect has found a large fanbase outside of the gaming community with third-party developers using it for projects ranging from robotics to security to medicine.

I’ll admit it – my Kinect is pretty much a paperweight these days. But if you have one and love it, let us know; and let us know its best games! Start talking in the comments.


  1. Hatm0nster says:

    I just find it kind of funny that even though Kinect was a flop, the next Xbox will require it. Hopefully they’ll make better use of it this time.


    1. cary says:

      From what I’ve seen of the new Kinect in action, it’s much better than the current version, but it’ll still have to overcome some of the challenges associated with motion gaming. My question is will it be suitable for smaller spaces? Our Kinect doesn’t work mainly because we don’t have enough space between us and its location. If the new one works that same way, and yet is required, well…that’s gonna be a problem.


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