Today in Gaming History: 10/28/2013


October 28, 1967: Happy Birthday John Romero
Earlier this month, we profiled Brenda Romero; and now we’re more than happy to do the same for her husband, John Romero! Mr. Romero’s name has been a staple in the video game industry since the 1980s when he first got his start with Origin Systems. He worked primarily on PC ports during these early years, and he eventually moved on to Softdisk to work as a programmer. In February 1991, he along with programmer John Carmack, artist Adrian Carmack, and designer Tom Hall founded id Software. This company set the world ablaze with its extremely popular first-person-shooters Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM.

Romero remained with id Software until 1996 when he co-founded Ion Storm with Tom Hall. From there he and Hall went to create Monkeystone Games, which produced primarily mobile games, and he also went to work for Midway Games. He is currently the president and COO of Loot Drop, a company he founded with his wife in 2010.