News Byte: PS4 Will Be Costly in Brazil


Playstation 4 sure is costly in Brazil

Sony announced on Thursday, October 17, that the PS4 is going to cost around $1,850 (about R$3,999) and games will cost around R$179 (or $83). What’s up with that price? Import fees and taxes mostly. They make up around 60 to 70 percent of the cost according to a Sony representative. So even with gaming as expensive as it is here, it’s probably good to know that it could be a whole lot more so.

Source: Gamespot

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  1. Vitosal says:

    It’s not really surprising is it although I honestly thought that games would get cheaper because the development is going to be easier…but what do I know..


    1. Hatm0nster says:

      In general games themselves are technically cheaper than they used to be. It’s really the hardware that’s be getting steadily more expensive.


      1. Vitosal says:

        I agree with the hardware but like here in South Africa, they’ve estimated that games are going to be between R750 and R800 which is I stand corrected should be $75 -$80. Is that normal?


  2. duckofindeed says:

    That is absurd! Who would buy it? I love video games, and I would never spend anywhere near that.


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