Today in Gaming History: 10/17/2013


October 17, 1980: Happy birthday Dan Teasdale!
You may not know the name Dan Teasdale (or maybe yo do), but you’ve more than likely heard of his games. Since starting with the Australian company Auran Games, Teasdale his a 15-year industry veteran with plenty of hard-hitting titles under his belt and names like Pandemic Studio and Twisted Pixel Games on his resume. With Pandemic, he was responsible for Destroy All Humans!.


From there he went on to serve as a consultant with Irrational Games on Bioshock. After that, he became a senior designer with Harmonix and work on the Rock Band series. At Twisted Pixel, he designed the popular XBLA titles ‘Splosion Man and The Gunstringer. Most recently, Teasdale departed from Twisted Pixel to form his own studio No Goblin, which is apparently in the midst of developing a game (games?) for the PS4.

Happy birthday Mr. Teasdale! We can’t wait to see what No Goblin has in store for gamers!