Today in Gaming HIstory: 10/8/2013


October 8, 1970: Happy birthday Tetsuya Nomura!
Where do we even begin with Mr. Nomura? How about Square, the first studio for which he worked. Founded in 1983 by Masashi Miyamoto, Square would become (and still is under the name Square Enix) an RPG powerhouse.  The first game Nomura worked on for Square was the now-classic Final Fantasy IV  (first released as Final Fantasy II in the states). From there he went on to do design work on the likes of Chrono Trigger, Parasite Eve, and Kingdom Hearts. Y’know, a few games that might have made a little money here and there…haha. Nomura has worked on every single FF game since IV, and every single KH games since the original; and that includes his foray into the next generation with Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III! *does happy happy joy joy dance* Nomura’s recognizable and famed character designs have set him apart from other designers, and he continues to serve as inspiration for in the industry today. We here at UWG wish him a very happy birthday!

Tell us your favorite Nomura game in the comments below! Are you looking forward to the next installments of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts?