Today in Gaming History: 10/4/2013


October 4, 1993: Panasonic 3DO released
I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear this string of one number and two letters, I become just a little sad. The oft-maligned 3DO was released into what would become a very successful console market that would soon see the likes of the PlayStation and the Nintendo 64. Sadly for the 3DO, it didn’t see much success during this 32/64 bit era. A high price tag prevented huge sales. Those that did invest in the system, which didn’t have much support from third-party developers, didn’t find much to play. Personally, I can probably count the number of 3DO games I remember on one hand…Gex, Night Trap, um…Road Rash, maybe? Oh, and Gex…haha…uh…Monster Manor? In any event, the 3DO chugged along for a good three years until it was completely overshadowed by, ahem, better systems.

I never had a 3DO, but did you? What were your experiences like with the console? Start off the conversation in the comments.