Today in Gaming History: 10/2/2013


October 2, 1955: Happy birthday Warren Spector!
Have you recently fired up Dues Ex? Or maybe you’ve recently taken a romp through Epic Mickey? Or perhaps you’ve taken to the skies in Wing Commander? If you’ve ventured into any of these games, you have Warren Spector to thank. His storied career as a video game designer has included a wide variety of titles, from FPSs to RPGs, and a few things in between. He started by creating RPGs for Steve Jackson Games back in the 1980s. Since then, he’s worked for a number of different companies, including Origin, EA, Eidos, Junction Point, and Disney Interactive. He remains involved in the video game industry, and according to his blog, he’ll be speaking this month at the Captivate Conference in Austin, TX. Happy Birthday Mr. Spector! And thanks for all the gaming fun and madness!

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