A Demon In Our Midst

Dlc, if you have dabbled in gaming at all during this generation you know what this is. This is the 40-80 dollars you spend after your initial purchase of a video game. We may hate ourselves for it, but we get excited when it’s announced, froth at the mouth and ready our wallets for it’s beautiful release. A forbidden pleasure.
What is dlc really? In some cases, I’m sure it is probably exactly what they tell us it is, added content to expand our enjoyment of the original game. I don’t believe for a second, though, that this is always the case. In most cases, especially in day one dlc, or dlc released within the first week, It is just a way for game producers to milk us a tad more for a game we just bought. I can’t blame them completely, I know as well as anyone that video games are a business as well as a pastime, but I feel like there should be a limit or a basic set of rules to how they can do this.
I remember the old days, before consoles were connected to the internet. Games back then were complete the day you bought them, they didn’t need dlc. When you bought a game it was either a deep and compelling game that was worthy of your investment, or it was a horrible waste of your time, and you used it for target practice. There was no dlc, you got what you payed for, and you knew what you were buying yourself into. Games back then it seemed like were just made better than the games of today.
Nowadays, I feel like games are released incomplete on purpose. Sure, you can complete the story, save the damsel in distress, whatever. The games, though, don’t always feel complete without the dlc. Honestly, I’d rather just pay an extra amount on my initial purchase and feel like I bought a completed game. Dlc is an infection, and we the consumers (myself included) continue to buy into it. The worst kind of dlc isn’t even the expansion style dlc, which some is totally worth your money, It’s weapon skins and character outfits, this dlc is truly money-grubbing and just plain stupid.
I think the moral to my story here, is that we as gamers should evaluate the content we decide to pay extra money for. If it’s an expansion that you will blow through in 3 hours, don’t buy it, because that’s exactly what they want from us. The only exception to this, is if they offer you a bacon weapon skin, in that case you should buy it because bacon is amazing. Anyways happy nerding, hope to hear back from you guys!

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  1. duckofindeed says:

    I completely agree. I, too, would rather pay more at the time for the whole game rather than buy an incomplete game. I won’t even buy DLC (if no one bought it, they wouldn’t do it). Games are more expensive than ever, and then they expect me to spend more on it? Games should come complete. All products should. And I’m certainly not paying for extra skins and stuff. Hey, if you don’t include it in the original game, I can live without it. I already am out $60 for this thing.


  2. I don’t even mind buying into a well made dlc, if it brings a lot to the table and extends the amount of time I want to play the game by a decent margin. unfortunately I blow through most dlc in a few hours and feel like my 20 dollars was ill spent, and don’t get me started on weapon skins lol…. Anyways, I wanted to thank you guys for letting me participate here and I hope to be around for a good while 😛


  3. cary says:

    I firmly agree with the Duck here — I hate paying more than I already have to for games. I’ve never bought any DLC; and If I really, really want a game’s DLC, I’ll wait until it’s “Game of the Year” edition is released (which is usually cheaper than the original game!) Yes, this practice does keep me perpetually behind in the world of games, but it makes my wallet happy.


    1. duckofindeed says:

      DLC has to be pretty awesome before I will buy it. And yeah, waiting for the prices to go down would indeed be the best way to go. No DLC has really appealed to me, though, except for this “Kingdom Hearts: BBS” background thing (which may have been DLC, but I’m not certain) on the PSP, which may’ve been actually free, but I didn’t get it because my PSP dislikes the Internet. Not sure why that got me excited and nothing else ever has….


  4. Hatm0nster says:

    I generally don’t have a problem with DLC. The way I see it, most of the time DLC makes a good thing better. Like any game, it has to be a quality product for me to spend my money on it and I can honestly say that I’ve been happy with the majority of my DLC purchases. What tends to irk me are games that are built around it. You know, like when the base game is really just a shell of what it could be and all the cool features and characters come only after you’ve ponied up more money. I also hate on-disk “DLC”. If it’s on the disk already, it’s not “DLC” and I shouldn’t have to pay extra for something that I technically already own.

    I consider anything made after the game release date to be fair game as far as DLC goes. It’s not a terrible practice in general, some of my favorite gaming moments have been DLC packs (the Halo 3 map packs and most of the Mass Effect series dlc comes to mind here). The problem is that some parties out there exploit it and cheapen the whole enterprise,


  5. I’m not completly against dlc, I just hate it when I feel like it was only put there as a way to fill a gaming companys pockets with more of my money. It should be worthy of the extra money I have to spend on top of the game price and enhance my playing experience. I feel like over the life of some games they also aquire to much dlc, a good example of this would be borderlands 2, I love the game but at this point in its life I dont know if I really wanna fork out a million dollars to purchase all of its dlc, honestly it’s just kind overwhelming and I decided against buying any at all.


    1. Hatm0nster says:

      You make a fair point. A game like Borderlands 2 must be a nightmare for the fan that wants their game to be “complete”. They just keep putting out pack after pack. You’re also right in that there’s also a lot of crap they put out there just to make a quick buck. (Unfortunately, examples escape me. I don’t have many games that got that sort of content.)


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