The Creative Pack Page

Hello, everyone.  We have just begun a new page entitled Creative Pack that will list links to a variety of other game-related sites, including links to fan art and fan fiction accounts, development diaries, podcasts, etc.  (It’s like an expansion pack filled with awesome links and, of course, a nougat center.)  This will be a place where non-blog related material can go, to further expand the United We Game community.  I have several things added so far to mention.  One is my own fan fiction account and Hatm0nster’s Deviant Art account.  The other is a development diary by Michael-Kopp Jones, written about the process of making video games.  A summary of his blog, written by the author himself, is below:

“Under the Top Dev Diary is a development blog for the UK based indie group Under the Top. When there is a game in production there are daily/weekly updates detailing all areas of its creation, such as mechanics decisions, story development, graphics designing, testing, sound use and level designing.”

So check out this blog if you’re interested in reading about the making of video games, and don’t forget to stop on by the delightful fan art and fan fiction accounts, too.  And please provide us with more links we can add so we can fill that page up with all kinds of great stuff.  Simply leave a comment or email us at with the link and the name of the site and/or the name of your account (in the case of fan art and stuff), and if you want, a short little description of what it is or what you do, and we’ll add it.  (And don’t hesitate to suggest other categories that should go on the page, as well.)

Entrust Your Links to the Duck