Listmas 2022: Staple Games Good For Filling Up The Holiday Hours

One of the best things about having a bit of time off during the Christmas and New Year’s season is that you will finally find yourself with more free time than usual. Even after doing stuff with family and friends, there’s likely time enough left to dive into whatever game you’re playing. But…what if you don’t have any games on deck? What on earth should you play if you don’t have any pressing games currently? Well here are a few options that never seem to get old no matter how many times they’re revisited.

Super Mario 64

From the Virtual Bastion YouTube channel

While it’s certainly much more primitive than the games that game after it, there’s something about Super Mario 64 that makes it so easy to just pick up and play. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the levels, the kickin’ music or just how responsive Mario feels, but there really is something special about this game that’s never quite come back in later entries.

Even though I know it backwards and forwards and have for years, there’s still a little feeling of delight that washes over me whenever I turn it back on and run around the likes of Whomp’s Fortress or Lethal Lava Land. What can I say? Super Mario 64 isn’t an all-time classic without good reason.

A Hat in Time

From the Nintendo of America YouTube channel

This one isn’t as strong as Super Mario 64 as far as I’m concerned, but I still feel like A Hat in Time is still quite a fun romp each and every time I start it up. It does a great job of evoking the classic collect-a-thon platformer in just about every way.

The characters and worlds are charming; it’s colors are highly saturated and fun to look at; the humor is absolutely on point, and Hat Girl controls wonderfully! I still cannot help but want to run around Mafia Town sometimes, and I’m still secretly hoping we’ll get some kind of follow-up some day.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

From the Virtual Bastion YouTube channel

As far as easily picked-up and played games go, I don’t think it gets any better than Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest (DKC2). I could gush on and on about this one, but I think it’s better to keep it brief. Those who’ve played DKC2 will already know what I’m talking about, but if you’ve somehow never gotten around to playing it, here’s more or less what you need to know: DKC2 is an almost perfect adventure-platformer!

Everything from the music, to the level layouts, to the enemies, to Diddy and Dixie Kong themselves is masterfully done. Each level adds at least one new wrinkle to the gameplay, and many introduce several. The music always does an excellent job of drawing the player into the world, and everything one does has some sort of feedback.

As for the Kongs, Diddy and Dixie both have their roles and they are both incredibly easy to control. It all works together to get you into that wonderful state of “flow” that only comes about when you can really get into a game. It even manages to keep it going besides being fairly difficult at times. Levels are short, easy to finish but difficult to fully master, and with the Switch it’s easier than ever to start and stop as you please. Seriously, if you’ve got some extra time, why not jump back into good ol’ DKC2?

And with that, Listmas 2022 is concluded! Thanks for sticking around and enjoying our little blogging holiday with us! There’s still a couple more special posts coming in the next couple weeks, so be sure to stop y again soon!

How about you? Got any more games that you think have almost limitless replayability?

Screenshot by The Duck of Indeed


  1. thero159 says:

    I always like diving into a game liked Stardew Valley or a strategy game like something from the Total War series, as these are games that you pick up easily and dive into, without having toremember story points.

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    1. Hatm0nster says:

      Never got around to trying Stardew, but have heard good things. How is it compared the old Harvest Moon games?


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