Listmas 2020: Favorite Gaming Funnies

Merry Listmas everyone, as you’ve probably see from Cary’s and Duck’s posts by now, our first subject for Listmas 2020 is our favorite funny gaming moments. I was actually rather excited for this subject since I remember a lot of games being pretty funny, …but I’d actually forgotten most of the actual jokes, the characters involved and the story beats they happened around. Still, a handful have managed to stick in this goofy brain of mine! Read on to find out what’s stuck around!

Fall Guys in General – Fall Guys

video from YouTube channel: PlayStation

As is slowly becoming a weird tradition on my part for these lists, my first choice doesn’t really belong here. There aren’t any singular moments I can point to in Fall Guys that are particularly funny. Rather, I feel like the whole game is filled with tons of little jokes. The basic design and costumes of the titular fall guys are inherently funny to look at, making just about everything involving them funny too. I love being able to say things like “that hot dog just stole my tail!” and “I hope that pineapple doesn’t knock me off the ledge!.” Alas, Fall Guys has been struggling to regain its footing after the internet moved on to Among Us, so I’m concerned for its future. Here’s hoping these not-so-athletic jelly beans can keep entertaining us for awhile yet.

Celebration Dance – Jak & Daxter

Video from YouTube channel: CliffTurbo

I’m pretty sure I ran across lots of funny stuff in games from the SNES and N64/PS generations, in fact I vaguely remember the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon games having some good visual gags. However, I think Daxter’s Power Cell dances is one of oldest jokes that quickly comes to mind. They put a smile on my face back in middle school, and they still do so now. I mean, how can they not? They turn an otherwise plain event into something that’s actually fun!

Dog Battles – Undertale

Video from YouTube channel: Geoffrey Bulter

As a fan of random humor, the running dog gag in Undertale is one of my favorite pieces of comedy in all gaming. From items that fill your inventory upon use to encounters like this one, you’re always in for a laugh whenever a dog show’s up in Undertale. I chose this one specifically because it more or less exemplifies this. The dog acts more or less like you’d expect, but it’s still somehow unpredictable. Its attacks are 100% dog, right down to the accidental damage if the player isn’t careful. It’s just like when your own dog drops his chewbone on your foot. He didn’t mean to hurt you, he just didn’t know any better. The Greater Dog is the same: just a goofy idiot that got stuffed into some armor somehow. 😀 (That music is sheer comedic genius too, by the way!)

Final Snatcher Encounter – A Hat in Time

Video from YouTube channel: NyxCrab

There are plenty of jokes to choose from in A Hat in Time. In fact, Mafia Town was a particularly tempting choice (I love that place!). I chose this moment in the end though since Hat Kid pulls a fast one at the last minute. After Hat Kid causes chaos in his forest and beats him up, Snatcher just wants to get rid of her. He gives her a way to get of the forest (and his hair) for good, no strings attached. Hat Kid starts signing it, but then suddenly overwrites the contract and completely undermines the point. And Snatcher just goes along with it despite his protests! It’s a moment that’s equal parts funny and heart-warming, so I couldn’t pass the up the chance to include it.

Mr. Resetti – Animal Crossing

Video from YouTube channel: AbdallahSmash026

This guy. This guy is THE classic as far as I’m concerned. I remember being so surprised when Mr. Resetti showed up for the very first time in Animal Crossing. I had never played a game like Animal Crossing before, so I’d reset my game for some reason thinking it would just revert back to the last save like every other game I’d played before. As you can see above, that is NOT what happens when you hit the ol’ reset button in Animal Crossing. Instead, you get a visit from this guy and have to sit through a speech about how wrong you were to do it! Do it enough, and he actually becomes quite furious (after all, how many times does he have to tell you off before you listen?) I remember intentionally resetting my game several times just to see what Mr. Resetti had to say, and I was never disappointed!

Well, that’s all I got as far as my favorite comedic moments go. Tune in next Sunday for the next list! Until then, merry Listmas everyone!

What are some of your favorite funny moments/things from the games you’ve played? Tell us below!

image from A Hat in Time Steam page