Hanging Out in Among Us

After watching hours upon hours of Among Us videos on YouTube, I decided to finally jump into the game myself last week. Even after watching my favorite channels enjoy the game, I wasn’t really sure what to expect once I started playing in the game’s public lobbies. Thankfully, I have to say that Among Us has definitely been a blast despite all the difficulties involved in playing with total strangers. I don’t have many specific stories to share, but this should still help anyone who’s also thinking about playing the game for themselves.

So let’s see, I suppose the first thing I’d recommend is taking a half-hour or so to get familiar with the maps and tasks. There are a lot of smart players in Among Us as well as a lot of players with itchy trigger fingers, and both will inevitably set their sights on you if you’re taking too long with your tasks. Imposters must fake tasks in order to avoid suspicion in this game, so you will immediately draw eyeballs if you don’t know what you’re doing. So please do yourself a favor and spend some time in free play mode. You can practice every tasks, map every vent and even try out different running speeds and such here. It’s the perfect way to get up to speed before going online.

All that out of the way. My experience with Among Us has been generally positive. I’ve run into plenty of quitters, hackers, discord cheaters and crewmates who are just plain salty, but people are chill most of the time. If an angry dude does join the game, I’ve found that the mood can quickly be turned around with a few jokes and a bit of humility. It’s not too hard to create a chill atmosphere in Among Us, and I’ve really enjoyed that quality of the game. My best bit of advice here: give a warm greeting to everyone upon arriving and find something funny to say or comment on. It immediately puts everyone in a good mood and makes the next couple of games a lot more fun.

Lately, I’ve been changing things up by playing a character whenever I join a lobby. I’ve tried a few here and there, but my favorite is an alien character. It’s been a big hit in many of the lobbies I’ve joined, and it’s allowed me to have a lot of fun thinking of silly ways to say normal things. The best part is that it still allows me to get important information across most of the time. My alien’s inability to say things in plain terms has caused a few losses here and there, but he’s made a lot of friends nonetheless. Really, I highly recommend role-playing a character if for no other reason than the reactions it elicits.

Among Us is not exactly what it is in the YouTube videos, but it’s still a blast to play. Not every lobby will be a winner, but the general community is nice enough that you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding chill people to play with. All you have to do is stay chill, be a little silly, and maybe find an excuse to say something silly like “do not fear the pink creature.” Do that and you’ll be having just as good a time in Among Us as anyone seen on YouTube.

Have you played Among Us yet? Think you’ll be trying the game out for yourself soon?

Lede image from Among Us Steam page