Two Point Hospital Launches For All Consoles

The healthcare simulator with a comedic edge known as Two Point Hospital has finally made it to the major consoles, so now I guess there’s no excuse not to finally live out all one’s hospital administrator fantasies. Will it always be successful? Maybe not, but it will certainly always be entertaining.

Video from YouTube channel: Two Point Hospital

The console version of Two Point Hospital comes with most of the features added post launch to the original PC release, including the Pebberly Island and Bigfoot DLCs. Additional features like Sandbox Mode and The Superbug Initiative are coming on March 31st too. Sandbox mode is pretty much what it sounds like, while Superbug Initiative is a series of global challenges for the entire Two Point Hospital community to complete together. The more challenges they finish the more in-game bonuses everyone unlocks. Two Point Hospital is already a great game, so all these features are really just icing on the cake.

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image is official promotional art