Tools Up! is Here to Fulfill All Your Renovation Fantasies!

I like to think that just about everyone goes through a period in their life where they fantasize about hand-renovating their house and apartment. It’s one of those things where you can’t help but wish you were competent (and wealthy) enough to do it all yourself. Of course, for most of us this period only lasts about as long as the Home Depot commercial we happen to watching does, but it’s still a fun though nonetheless, and now there’s a game out there to help us all get it out of our system in a healthy, less disastrously-expensive way. It’s called Tools Up!, and it looks like a blast!

In Tools Up!, up to four players must race against the clock to renovate a series of increasingly interesting apartment spaces. Everyone definitely has their work cut out for them too, since just about everything from the exterior lawns, to the walls, to the floors and everything in between needs some sort of attention. You’ve got to do it all and you’ve got to do it quick, so make sure to watch where you’re going while carrying the power tools around, okay?

What do you think of Tools Up! or the other zany party games out there like Overcooked? Do you think they’re here to stay or is “silliness” just a passing fad for the genre?

Image from Tools Up website