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Beyond Good and Evil Jade

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This year’s E3 will likely go down as one of the most successful of the last few years. Not only did we get a boatload of announcements and trailers that we were already expecting, but we also got some of the biggest out-of-left-field reveals to ever come out of the show! The new DOOM is alive and well, The Last Guardian was confirmed as still in development, and perhaps the most incredible of all: the Final Fantasy VII remake (a project many thought would never EVER happen) was confirmed to be a real game that’s actually being produced! It’s…just so incredible! Projects once thought either dead or nonstarters are becoming reality! If these games can make it into the light of day, perhaps there’s still hope for others as well! Here’s three games that we just might get to see after all if this trend continues!

Beyond Good and Evil 2

For almost 7 years now, the only confirmed evidence that we had of Beyond Good and Evil 2’s existence was the preceding trailer. There was another “gameplay trailer” that showed up out of nowhere in 2009, but the rumor is that it was fake. I haven’t been able to track down any articles outlining the details, but from what I remember, it was never confirmed either way as to whether or not it was actually fake. I still hope it’s not, the direction it displayed looks really exciting! Anyway, we finally got a new scrap of news for the game out of this year’s E3! According to a article: “Michel Ancel’s involvement with Beyond Good & Evil 2, and it appears that he’s still working with Ubisoft Montpellier on bringing the much anticipated game to life, as well as other projects.” 

So, the game is definitely not dead, but still not much to confirm just how “alive” it is. Hopefully we’ll see more at next years E3!

Alan Wake 2

A couple of months ago, Remedy Entertainment shared this footage with Polygon. It’s basically an internal concept demo meant to show what kind of game Alan Wake 2 could have been. At first I was kind of wishing that I hadn’t seen this. It all looked so cool, and the cynic in me had me thinking that Remedy was only sharing this because they’d closed the book on Alan Wake entirely. However, it would seem that that’s not necessarily the case. According to a Polygon article from April this year, there is a great deal of internal interest at Remedy to return to Alan Wake and make a sequel after all! Of course it’s not a sure thing, but the tone of the comments Remedy’s representative offered made it sound like there was more than just “interest” in making a sequel.

Alan Wake fans should definitely keep their ears open in for the next couple of years. I’ve got a feeling that our favorite horror writer will have something new hitting store shelves soon; perhaps eve sooner than we think!

Dead Space 4

Okay, this is probably the longest shot of the three. All we have is that obvious sequel-bait ending for Dead Space 3, the hidden message in the chapter titles, and this GameSpot article from March. The basic gist is that Visceral Games still wants to return to Dead Space, but they needed to finish with Battlefield: Hardline and “…other things…” before they could even begin. So at the very least the interest is there, and since Dead Space is what Visceral is known for these days, I’ll hazard a guess that we’ll be seeing Dead Space 4 before too long. (Well, that’s if Visceral can avoid getting shuttered by EA, but that’s a discussion for another time.)

The Brother Moons Are Awake my fellow Dead Space fans! Here’s hoping that we’ll get to take the fight to them after all!

It’s true that there’s not much to go on for any of these games, but it’s more info than we had on either The Last Guardian or the Final Fantasy VII remake, and look what happened with those games! There’s still hope people! So keep your eyes peeled for more news on these games and others to surface in the coming months and years!

Are there any games rumored to be cancelled that you’re still hoping to see one day? Have you seen anything surface about them recently?


  1. cary says:

    For years I’ve been wanted something, anything to follow up Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Not long ago I read that it was kinda, sorta being revived through Microsoft’s Project Spark…but, eh. How about just a real game? Is that too much to ask?! (Apparently, the answer is yes.)

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    1. Hatm0nster says:

      It’s definitely “yes” now that they’re trying to use the character to push Project Spark. 😦

      At least we’ve got Yooka-Laylee coming out next year. You’ll at least get to enjoy that style of gameplay again.

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  2. Dina Farmer says:

    Jade Empire….the remake or Jade Empire 2 but that is always, always wishful thinking on my part.


    1. duckofindeed says:

      I just wish they’d make another Jak and Daxter game. Naughty Dog thought about it…then apparently changed their mind. We can always dream….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dina Farmer says:

        😦 We sure can. But, I always keep my hopes up because it’s been 19 years and Square Enix has finally brought FFVII….


        1. Hatm0nster says:

          Perhaps we’ll see Jak and Daxter return once Uncharted has finally finished its run. We’re four games into that series now, it has to be getting close. The story could have easily ended with #3, it had a “everything comes full circle” and a happy resolution sort of feel.

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