Are We All Ready for Uncharted: The Movie?

Earlier this week, writer and director Allen Ungar released a short, live action (and non-monetized) film based on highly popular Uncharted video game series. Naturally, the film is  titled “Uncharted.” Fans of the games will immediately recognize our hero Drake (Nathan Fillion), his mentor/look-out Sully (Stephen Lang), and, if briefly, Drake’s plus-one, Elena (Mircea Monroe)….

Favorite Foolish Heroes in Games

It’s April Fool’s Month on Virtual Bastion! Join us as we celebrate all the silly and kooky things we love about games and gaming. My third post for the month is inspired by Hatm0nster’s recent post on silly ol’ Daxter from the Jax and Daxter games. Here I feature a few of my favorite foolish…