Death Stranding PC Specs, Content Announced

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is about to hit the PC, and the specs have finally been released. One won’t need a monster of a machine to run the game, but it’ll help out quite a bit for those who’d like to get the most out the experience. Once they pick up the game, PC players…

Death Stranding is…wait, what?

A few months back, after the release of a new Death Stranding trailer, I noted that I was feeling “cautiously optimistic and warily pessimistic” about the whole affair. Today, upon seeing more footage of the game, including gameplay, that was shown at Gamescom’s opening night, I’m feeling fairly certain that Death Stranding is probably not…

Sunday Video Round Up: Sept 23 – 29

It’s the weekend which means it’s time for another weekly edition of the Video Round Up! As always, I’m bringing you the best trailers and gameplay footage from the previous seven days. Here’s a few of the trailers waiting for you below, let’s get started! Another week, another bizarre but captivating trailer from Hideo Kojima….

The P.T. Vacuum

It’s been two years now, but it seems that the specter of P.T. yet looms. After the playable demo for the now canceled Silent Hills hit, the gaming populace was enthralled by the idea. It wasn’t just going to be a first-person horror game, it was going to be the first-person horror game to bring the…

New Games, New Surprises from E3 2016

Every year, people who enjoy video games get excited for E3. It’s one if the year’s biggest events in terms of learning about brand new games and updates to ones previously announced. If every video game player could attend E3, they probably would, but the fact is that only a small majority get the chance….