Raji: An Ancient Epic: Demo Review

Raji: An Ancient Epic is one of those intriguing looking games I had my eye on for a while.  Set in ancient India and based on Hindu mythology, the game follows Raji’s adventure to rescue her little brother Golu, who was kidnapped by demons.  The unique setting and theme of the game really helps it…

How Long Until We Forget Cyberpunk 2077?

Gamescom was back in full force last week, with just about every participating company giving us plenty to get excited about. Personally, I was pretty wowed by Atomic Heart’s combat trailer. The combination of cool powers, exotic weapons, speed and brutal depiction thereof had my jaw-dropped for the duration! I was feeling psyched, truly psyched…

YouTube Highlights, Weekly Edition #264

Up this week: Connect: Twitter ~ Facebook ~ wegameunited@gmail.comWatch: YouTube ~ Video BastionShop: Spreadshirt Note: After this week, YouTube Highlights will be on hiatus until Friday, September 16th. Hope you’ll rejoin us then for more gaming goodness!

Ranking my Free-to-Play Free-for-All

When I decided to see what free-to-play console games might work in my household for future fun times, I didn’t intend for the venture to become “a thing.” Now, with six new games proverbially under my belt, it seems like deciding which ones were the “winners,” is only the right and fair thing to do….

Please, Please Be Good, Atomic Heart!

Okay, so this one is a little late as far as news goes, but I really wanted to talk about it. Late last week, Mundfish finally released a new trailer for Atomic Heart. It was a nice, 3-minute chunk of combat gameplay which, I must say, makes the game look absolutely fantastic! It’s so fast,…

WarioWare: Get It Together! Demo Review

In case you’re not familiar, the WarioWare series consists of a bunch of quirky “microgames” that must be completed within several seconds.  Though I had watched people play a handful of these games on YouTube in the past, it wasn’t until I downloaded the demo for WarioWare: Get It Together! on the Switch that I…

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is Enjoyably Confusing

It’s funny how easily we can wind up playing games we’d otherwise pass by. I’d heard of 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim a few times over the past couple of years, but I never really had any plans to check it out. Anime games usually aren’t my thing for one, and I’ve also already seen the…

YouTube Highlights, Weekly Edition #263

Up this week: Arietta of Spirits (demo) – join us as we try out this charming and emotional narrative adventure game. Pokken Tournament DX (demo) – Pokémon + fighting game = fun? Not sure, but we give it a go in this demo. WarioWare: Get it Together! (demo) – what the heck does Wario have…

Deathloop First Impressions

Fact is, I should have played Deathloop when I first picked up the game last year. It was right around the Christmas holiday, when I had a nice chunk of time off. And had I known, or rather, paid attention to what the game offered, I might have more strongly opted to play it then….

The Chant gets a Release Date

The Chant, a new horror game from developer Brass Token, got a release date just a few days ago. It’ll be ready to spook and scare as of November 4th. I gotta say, for a game from a relatively unknown indie developer, this is actually looking pretty interesting?