Thoughts on Red Dead Redemption II’s first gameplay video

When it comes to new games I really want to play, I often start avoiding news, trailers, etc. a couple months before release. I like to be as surprised as possible once I load up my new experience. But with Red Dead Redemption II, the excitement I feel is far too palpable for me to ignore, so give in I must!  With a little over two months to go until the game descends upon the masses, Rockstar recently treated its fans to the game’s first gameplay video. And hoo boy, it does indeed look like this game is going to be something special. As my own schedule has been as skittery as a fly on a hot plate this past week, I’ve only just gotten to sit down and take in everything the video has on offer.  Take a gander here yourself if you’ve not already; my thoughts follow.

Video from YouTube user Rockstar Games

  • So we’re still definitely at the turn of the 20th century, about a decade before the events of Red Dead Redemption. The mention of “new immigrants” is interesting and historically sound. Though a place is not mentioned, I wonder if we’re still within the boundaries of one of the first game’s settings, “New Austin.”
  • A “living world” with a “new” approach to combining action, gameplay and storytelling? My spidey-sense says that’s hype, but okay Rockstar. Okay.
  • The game world does look utterly amazing – I’ll give ‘em that.
  • I’m liking Arthur Morgan, gruff but quippy.
  • “Age of outlaws was ending and the modern world was born.” More hyperbole. But I can accept that a mindset as such existed given the turn of the millennium.
  • Okay, but back to the game itself…which is so pretty. So, so pretty. I could absolutely see myself doing nothing but exploring the land, finding all the nooks and crannies of every last landscape.
  • Hanging out at camp with your buds? I am not opposed to that. Brings back some very enjoyable memories from doing the same in Dragon Age. Though here with less…dragons.
  • *squinting* Is that a young John Marston I see?
  • So Arthur is essentially a lone gunslinger, no family of his own outside the gang? Leads me to wonder just how much his own story will matter.
  • The game offers “fun things to do and opportunities for mischief.” Well by golly, I sure as heck hope so!
  • Sorry, but calling out to a passing rider sounds like the strangest thing. “That’s a nice horse.” Really?
  • Make friends and enemies on the fly. Yep, just like in the real world.
  • Happy to hear that combat has been improved. I rarely engaged in fistfights in the first game. It just wasn’t that much fun. Also…guns. Speaking of which, the notion of “real time” reload times is irksome. On the one hand, thumps up for realism. On the other, it’s a game so…just give me speedy reloads.
  • Horse management? Well, as long as it’s easier to rope and tame a horse than it is in the first game, I’m all for it. Though, can I create a full stable a la Breath of the Wild but then never use anyone from my collection and just steal everyone else’s mounts?
  • Haha, total shades of Breath of the Wild horseback combat, at which I’m absolutely terrible. Thank goodness this game doesn’t employ bows and arrows.
  • Not super excited about being forced to track and hunt, if that’s the case. Can’t I just let the bears do it?
  • Once again, I cannot wait to explore! Those mountains just look so very inviting.

All in all, Red Dead Redemption II is looking very good and very Rockstar-ish, which is also good. This video didn’t offer much insight into any of the characters, even Mr. Morgan, the protagonist. But only so much can be revealed, right? As stated at the end of the video, the next one promises to go deeper into missions and such, so maybe then we’ll get more a sense of the Van der Linde gang. But till then…I’ve got to come up with a good name for my horse. I’m partial to Rosencrantz…

Lede image © Rockstar Games

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    With Red Dead Redemption II’s release a mere two months away, I’m getting more excited by the minute! Yes, yes, Spider-Man this and Spider-Man that… Don’t get me wrong, I like that wise-cracking, web-slinging here as much as anyone, but the open plains with a six-shooter at my side is where I want to be, as I note among my notes on RDRII’s newest gameplay trailer, here on Virtual Bastion.


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