PS Plus Games For December Have Been Announced

Sony has announced the December lineup of games free to download for member of their Playstation Plus service. For those who primarily play on PC or Xbox, PS Plus is basically Sony’s online multiplayer service. It’s more or less exactly like Xbox Live Gold since having it is mandatory for online multiplayer. Both services have had their good and bad months in terms of what’s been on offer, and it looks like December is just going to be an okay month; good, but not really all that great.

For the month of December, Sony will be offering the following eight PS4, PS3 and Vita games to its PS Plus subscribers:

  • Darksiders II: Definitive Edition (PS4)
  • Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of the Legendary Legends (PS4)
  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (PS4 w/ PSVR)
  • That’s You! (PS4)
  • Xblaze: Lost Memories (PS3)
  • Syberia Collection (PS3)
  • Forma 8 (Vita & PS4)
  • Wanted Corp (Vita)

Darksiders II will probably be a must for those who enjoy God of War-style hack-‘n-slash adventure games. I’d also recommend Syberia Collection for those who enjoy mysteries. I’ve never played it, but apparently it’s a cult classic of the genre. Then there’s Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, anyone out there with a PS VR who hasn’t tried this one yet? So yeah, there’s some decent games coming next month, but I wouldn’t call this Sony’s strongest lineup of the year.

What do you think of the December lineup? Going to pick any of these up once they’re made available on December 5th?

Lede image by Flickr user Rob DiCaterino (cc)


  1. Imtiaz Ahmed says:

    This is a pretty awesome list of games. I’m particularly excited about the Syberia collection, that’s been in my radar as of late.

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